People that manage to get a lot done in one day aren’t superhuman – they just have the right set of tools and habits to help them out! Increasing your business’ productivity can make the difference between staying stagnant and growing. Set the right habits today by using these five Local Line tips:

1. Use one central hub

This is the starting point for increasing your business’ productivity. When having multiple locations where data is stored, you are increasing the likelihood for information to be lost or forgotten. It seems impossible to have to keep track of 10+ different spreadsheets or folders! Use one system to log orders, update customer information and manage finances to ensure that everything can be easily found, inputted and updated. This will save a lot of time trying to find where you last stored information.

2. Go paperless

Paper is unproductive. It can be easily lost or misplaced, and is prone to error. Online systems provide accountability, easy access and sense of security in case of a crashed system or failure. Further to this, an online system is made for you and works for you, instead of you working for it. Find a system that calculates, organizes and communicates for you – the system should allow you to save time to focus on other aspects of your business. It also looks and feels professional!

3. Sell online too!

Selling online through an e-commerce system helps you make sales without having to sell. Unlike selling at a farmers’ market, an online store allows you to showcase your products to customers without physically having to be in front of them. It lets your products speak for themselves! Selling face to face can take a lot of time, so combine it with an online store to double your sales.

4. Automate your customer communications

Individually sending emails to all of your customers with your inventory or business news can be extremely unproductive. Our tip to increase productivity and save time is to automate the process. Divide your customer list based on their needs (wholesale vs household) and send one email to the entire list. Don’t waste your time manually doing this! You can also schedule frequent or repeating emails to be sent on the same day every week or month! This will keep the communication flowing, without putting the strain on you.

5. Use an accounting service

Managing your finances can be time consuming and tedious. To be more productive use an accounting management system, such as QuickBooks. These systems allow you to input your expenses and profits and send and accept invoices directly to/from customers. It can save you hours. Furthermore, QuickBooks can be integrated into our software resulting in a seamless transition from a customer order to invoice.

Increasing your productivity doesn’t happen over night. Start using these steps today as a guide to work towards a more productive tomorrow.