Getting new customers is often the goal for many businesses, however keeping your existing customers promises continuous profit. Here are six tips that will help you ensure you’re keeping that relationship strong:


This is key! Create a frequent line of communication between you and your customers like a weekly newsletter that includes specials.  This will show your customers they’re still important to you and informs them of all that’s new!


Frequently send your customers an updated list of all you have in stock. This is a friendly reminder to customers of all the different products you produce and shows them anything new or in season. Showing a list of products will also encourage your repeat customers to order something else.

Simple ordering process

Making it easy for customers to order from you, ensures happy and return customers. If the first time ordering was straight forward and an enjoyable process, customers will want to stay with you. To make this process easier, consider implementing an online store, inventory manager and customer database program. Here are some tips for making this process simpler:

  • Use only one method for incoming orders: This will reduce any mixups from orders coming from all different places and will help you focus on a perfecting one process
  • Record all incoming orders in one place: Don’t mess yourself up by having orders written down in multiple places!
  • Remind customers how to order: Sometime people forget! Don’t hesitate to send your current customers a reminder on how to order. This influences customers to order again and where to go to do it.

Be current

Everyone loves trendy. Keep on track of trends that apply to your business and implement them where possible! For example if you source zucchini as a product, share and showcase recipes using zucchini noodles for people trying to go low carb.

Make it worth it to be your customer

Offer special deals to recurring customers. For example:

  • With the 10th purchase get an item free
  • Holiday sales with free shipping
  • Refer a friend and get 10% off your next purchase
Put a face to the brand

The food industry is personal, especially local food. People want to know who’s growing their food. Posting occasional pictures of your farm and your family is super important to the customers buying.  Go a step further. Shake their hand, host a meet the farmer event, be the person they refer to when thinking of your brand.