The last step to making an online purchase is receiving the product. Unboxing can be very exciting. The moment a customer opens their package, it should feel the same as opening a present. To help you make that experience memorable for all your customers, here are our tips for a great delivery experience:


After an order has been made and approved, you should confirm with your customers that it’s coming their way! A simple confirmation email or call with the estimated date and time of arrival puts confidence in your customer that their order is of importance and will be with them soon. This is a simple step, but effective.


Your branding should be on everything that comes from your business. Your packaging should reflect that. Whether you use personalized boxes or have a business card inside the package, it should be clear. Uniform branding appears professional, looks great, and encourages brand recognition.


This is a great way to get more out of your customers. In another blog post, we talk about the law of reciprocity – where when someone is given a free gift, they feel inclined to return the favour. In e-commerce terms, purchase a product. Adding a free sample could increase the chances of repurchase. In addition to this, free samples also give your customers a taste into what else you sell. If you recently launched a new product, add it to get more exposure. Free samples or gifts look great to a customer and can be an effective method of marketing. If samples are not feasible for your business, consider adding a discount code or coupon for their next order. This will promote repurchase and is a little easier to manage.


Food is personal, so make it personal! Take the time to write a personal note or a thank you card to a first time customer. Go a step further. Add an information card about the history behind your product or your farm. This is a great way to connect with a customer and get them hooked.


In this blog post on how to keep your current customers, the last tip is to put a face to the brand. This is an essential aspect of delivery. The interaction between customer and distributor should not be ignored. If you do your own deliveries, be organized, on time and most importantly friendly! Remember your customers names, and their orders. Customer service is an important tool and should be considered in your delivery planning. If you are using a shipping partner, be sure to use a partner that will represent your brand. Even if you did not do the delivery, the customer will associate any experience with your business. For tips on how to get started with a shipping partner and the right questions to ask, check out this blog post.


After a delivery has been made, the last step is to follow up. Send an email. It’s important to get feedback on the delivery and products received. If they weren’t happy you get the chance to address it before they reach out to you or even worse, become a lost customer. Add a reorder option to encourage repurchase!

Following all of these steps will help you create a delivery experience that will be memorable to your customers and help you increase the chances of reorder and referrals. Distribution can be a pain point for a lot of food suppliers. To further help you create a delivery plan that is profitable, check out this blog post.