Do you feel like your wasting time on managing your incoming orders? Are you struggling with keeping track of your inventory? Are you still writing and sending all of your invoices to customers manually?

As a food business owner, you are extremely busy. You have to manage all the logistics of your business, including the production, packaging, marketing, selling and distribution of your products. Make good use of your time and don’t waste it on tedious tasks.

Here’s how you can spend up to 80% less time on your inventory and billing activities and more time working on your food supply business: Go paperless!

One Central Hub

The most frequent struggle for most food suppliers is inconsistent means of ordering. Some customers call you, others you speak face to face, some even Instagram direct message you! This just sounds like an order mixup waiting to happen. Put everything in one place, online. Let customers come to you and track all their orders and invoices in one place. Here’s to never missing an order again!

Inventory Tracking

Make it easier to track your inventory. Updating multiple spreadsheets when harvesting and selling can be very dull and fickle. You are also prone to making more mistakes when manually transferring information. Using an e-commerce software like Local Line, allows you to update your inventory when it comes in and it automatically removes it when sold reducing possible mixups. No more lost pieces of paper or mental math!

Integrated invoicing with Quickbooks

Sending out invoices and making sure your customers are billed accurately and on time every month can seem like a daunting or impossible task. Having to keep track of every single sale and expense manually, is next to impossible. Local Line’s sync to QuickBooks allows you to manage your invoices all with the click of a button.

Going paperless will help your business go from never-ending to do lists to record breaking months!