KITCHENER, ON – September 4, 2018 – Local Line, the ultimate e-commerce software for farms and food suppliers, has released an all-new tool which aims to promote better organization, efficiency, and accountability between business owners and clients in the local food supply industry.

Available immediately for purchase, the QuickBooks Integration Tool allows you to leverage Local Line’s best-in-class order management system and seamlessly sync order data into QuickBooks.

“We believe farmers and food suppliers should spend less time on accounting, and more time doing what they do best in the field to feed our families” said Cole Jones, CEO of Local Line.

“The goal of this new feature is to make accounting easy and fun! The new integration with QuickBooks Online will ensure that you never need to worry about how you manage the accounting of your food supply business. It is one more thing you can automate so you can get back to earning more money.”

One of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks food suppliers face is bookkeeping. The most exciting feature of Local Line’s QuickBooks Integration Tool is that our customers can reduce their invoicing time by up to 90% as invoices can be synced to QuickBooks once they have been reviewed and approved.

“The goal of our QuickBooks Integration Tool is to celebrate the successes of our existing Local Line program, all while offering this new feature, said Jones. “The program’s multiple tools all contribute to more accurate, professional customer servicing, headache-free invoicing, and more efficient and easier order management for farms and food suppliers”.

For those wishing to purchase the QuickBooks Integration Tool, it is available for $24.99 per month, in addition to the Local Line subscription.

About Local Line

Helping great food suppliers manage great food supply chains, Local Line offers a complete collection of systems and online tools that can help food suppliers build and manage a successful food business. Local Line, the most popular order management software, just got more advanced with the addition of their QuickBooks Integration Tool. For more information on products and services, please visit our website.

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