Far from their roots of Northern California, BC ranchers Tristan and Aubyn Banwell are passionate about raising livestock to benefit the health of people and the environment.  Using tools such as management intensive grazing, permaculture, holistic management and agroecology, these farmers produce BC Certified Organic products that will make you feel good about eating it.

Spray Creek Ranch is home to many different livestock including cattle, chickens, turkeys and pigs. All these animals work harmoniously together to regenerate the fields and ensure diverse and healthy pastures in the future.

Operating in their fifth season, they’ve seen tremendous growth but were starting to feel the pains of growing their business.

Too many orders, no way to keep track

Spray Creek Ranch’s main sales channel was farmers’ markets. But to ensure sales and that they had the right product available, they would ask repeat customers to pre-order. Aubyn was overwhelmed with orders through email, phone, in person and social media. Keeping track of it all manually meant mixed up or missed orders.

They knew they had to get efficient and fast.

Going paperless

Aubyn and Tristan knew they wanted an online system that could provide one central hub to receive orders, manage inventory and get paid. No more scrambling through different spreadsheets and notebooks, it had to have everything you need in one place.

After looking through various online e-commerce platforms, there was one thing everyone was missing the ability for pricing for variable weighted products!

Unlike produce or packaged foods, meat is different. Different individual animals have varying weights and sizes; therefore it is next to impossible to create one fixed unit for each product. A pricing tool for variable weighted products is necessary to give the customer correct prices for what they bought.

Local Line, mimics the in-person farmers’ market experience with a software platform created specifically for food suppliers and farms. No more scrambling through different spreadsheets and notebooks, “It has everything we need in one place!” says Aubyn.

Spray Creek Ranch was able to create an online shop that included the ability to show an average price to customer at order, then actually weigh the product at purchase, and adjust the price accordingly. The updated prices and weights then show up on the final invoice to customer so that they are aware of what they are getting.

“As a small farm, we don’t want to offer the average price per cut to our customers – there is too much variability, all our animals are different. We needed flexibility built into our system. Pricing for variable weighted products allows us to charge customers for exactly what they actually receive. Local line allows us to show customers both the price per pound and average price per unit, so they know what to expect, and then we just adjust the final invoice based on the actual weight of each product we pack.  Local Line makes this process easy!” – Aubyn, Spray Creek Ranch.