Located in Dresden, Ontario, Joe and Eraina Grootenboer grow organic produce for over 130 customers on their 20 acre farm, River Bell Market Garden.

Before Local Line, River Bell Market Garden provided a weekly CSA membership service where they supplied and delivered, seasonal produce boxes to their customers. Looking for a new business model, they wanted to transition to selling to individual customers through an online store. This is when they found Local Line.

“Surprisingly more affordable than I expected, Local Line’s software made it possible for our company to take a giant leap forward in providing customer satisfaction.” - Joe, River Bell Market Garden
Putting Customers First: River Bell Market Garden

Treating customers as individuals

Every customer is different. Trying to be generic to fit every type of customer, Joe and Eraina, were finding that sometimes the fixed boxes didn’t fit the needs of everyone. Making the switch to an online store, they were concerned that by giving customers more freedom, there would be a higher chance of having lower sales per customers compared to the CSA model. However, this was not the case - customers are placing larger orders and getting exactly what they want.

“Local Line allows me to treat everyone as individuals, not as one bulk group. No other businesses like us are able to offer the same variety or customer service now that I have this tool to help me. The customers are very appreciative and excited about the change, placing larger and larger orders and signing up their friends." - Joe, River Bell Market Garden

In addition to offering customers more variety per order, in the case of an order mix up, Joe is able to work with that customer individually, by easily finding their individual order and customer information on Local Line and offering new product or a refund. This is impossible to do with a series of lists. Providing great customer service is essential for growing a business.

Room for growth

Currently servicing 130+ customers, River Bell Market Garden is excited for growth in their future. Customers have the ability to shop on their store, place their own orders and have that information immediately passed on to the farm. The ease and simplicity of managing so many customers on one system, makes them confident that they can easily grow their business without worry.

Putting Customers First: River Bell Market Garden

Planning for the future

Providing personalized orders for their customers has helped them learn what their customers want and at what quantities they want it. Local Line’s reporting and analytics helps them track all of their order data to help them know what their customers are looking for and how to plan for the future.

“The online shopping platform is the most important part, of course, but the customer accounting and reporting is essential for planning and distilling data for the near future and for next season.” - Joe, River Bell Market Garden

Joe and Eraina can now feel confident growing their business using Local Line.  They are reaching more customers and continuing to sustain healthy relationships with current ones. Curious to see what they’re producing? Check out their Local Line store here.

“I appreciate the support of their system - they understand the importance of my customers’ experience with the system and are a real team with me in continually improving upon that.” - Joe, River Bell Market Garden