An important part of having an online store is having the right online payments platform to get you paid quickly. Local Line integrates with two popular payment providers, Stripe and Square. 

Here’s everything you need to know to choose the right one for you:


Square is built for the new business owner who is focused on using many selling platforms, such as an online store, a farm store, and/or selling at markets (POS style). As a payment software, it is very user-friendly and gives you everything you need. The software is built to integrate with your Local Line store. It also offers in-person selling tools that allow you to turn your mobile devices into an on-the-go POS system.

When you sign up, you receive a free Square card reader with your account that connects to your smartphone. There are no startup, monthly, or cancellation fees for a basic Square account, which includes payment processing and the basic POS app. You can also purchase other hardware to build your in-person payment processing. These include:

The software also offers expanded tools like employee management, marketing, and payroll, which come with a monthly fee.

Square processes all major credit cards, plus apple pay, android pay, and eWallet payments. Square also offers a chargeback protection coverage of $250 per month. This means if one of your customers disputes a charge, you have protection against the loss. 


Stripe’s mission is to build a payment infrastructure for the internet, and they are solely focused on e-commerce sales, not POS sales. Stripe is built for online sellers, so it can connect with virtually any type of website, online sales platform, or Local Line store. It is also exceptionally developer-friendly. The system accepts all kinds of payment, from ACH to any eWallet or credit card you can name!

The other thing Stripe offers is recurring payments! It has a feature called Stripe Subscriptions that helps you design and manage recurring payments for any type of subscription business (CSAs or weekly harvest boxes). Additionally, the software provides a top-rated fraud protection tool called Radar. It uses machine learning to help you identify high-risk sales and gives sellers tools to flag risky transactions and to block high-risk sales. 

When compared to Square, the system lacks an efficient in-person selling platform. It is currently offering a new product called Terminal, however, is only available by invite, which you can request on their website.


Which payment platform you choose depends on your business needs, but they are both pretty similar. The advantage of Square is that you can integrate your online payments with your POS payments by using the same system, where as you would have to have a separate POS with Stripe. Nonetheless, both platforms cost the same, so if you’re in the market for simple online payments, you can’t go wrong with either option.