How We Compare

By listening to our customers, we built the most comprehensive and
efficient solution for farmers, market, and hubs

Free Website

Many platforms will charge you between $120 - $500 per year, just to set up a website. By contrast, Local Line offers this service for free. Select from five pre-made templates and launch your own website within a day! No hidden
fees or costs.

Custom Product Pricing & Availability

Local Line allows you to customize product pricing and availability for different customers. This is helpful for selling to retail and wholesale customers where you need to offer different price lists, but pull from the same inventory! Keep it all tracked in Local Line.

Sell by Weight

We know that selling meat, fish, or cheese is different from selling pre-packaged, pre-priced products. Local Line uses workflows that easily allow you to edit your product weight after an order has been placed, and collect payment after the product is packaged.

Unlimited Delivery & Pickup Plans

Need more delivery plans or pickup locations? No problem. You can add unlimited delivery plans by city, postal/zip code, or radius, and pick up locations such as your farm, markets you sell at, or any other drop points you’ve arranged.

Pick & Pack Lists

Your products are not just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be plucked off a shelf. You need to know exactly what to pick from the field and what to pack during each order cycle. Local Line provides one-click, easy-to-use pick and pack lists to save you time on fulfilment.

Custom Payment Methods

Not every customer wants to pay online, or you may have a different preferred payment method based on your business needs. Local Line offers flexible payment methods included in each subscription. Enable customers to pay by e-transfer, cash, SNAP, and more. You can also set custom payment terms.

Free Website

Many platforms will charge you between $120 - $500 per year, just to set up a website. By contrast, Local Line offers this service for free. Select from five pre-made templates and launch your own website within a day! No hidden fees or costs.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Local Line integrates with the Square terminal, enabling you to sell your products in-person. In partnership with Square, the POS feature keeps your inventory, orders, customers, and payments in-sync.

Connect with Farmer's Markets & Food Hubs

Local Line connects with hundreds of farmers markets and food hubs. In one click you can list your inventory for sale at your local market or your nearest food hub.

Launch Online Co-ops with Neighbors

Local Line offers functionality to “stack” individual online stores together. If you want to create an online grocery store with neighboring farms, you’re only a few clicks away!

What Sets Us Apart

Exceptional Customer Service
Our customer service department is staffed from 9am - 9pm EST, seven days a week, all year round! Email or call us to speak with a real person, passionate about helping you get set-up, troubleshoot, and grow your business!
Online Community
Join our Facebook group and learn from other Local Line customers across North America. You also get exclusive access to giveaways, promotions, and first glance at upcoming features.
Free Trial
We think this one is obvious, but many other platforms do not offer a free trial. Local Line makes it easy to “try before you buy.” With Local Line you know you’re getting a platform that works for you and your business.

Local Line


Farm E-Comm

Online Storefront

Free Website
Easy to set up and customize with your brand.
Easy Store Setup
Launch your store in 90 minutes or less!
User-Friendly, Responsive Storefront
Sell through Farmer's Market and Food Hubs
Launch Online Co-Ops

Products & Orders

Schedule Product Availability
Custom Pricing & Availability for Different Sales Channels
Sell to restaurants, schools, retail and beyond. Support for CSAs.
Low Inventory Notifications
No third-party apps or extra charges.
Sell by Weight
Customize checkout to defer payment and update orders when final weight is known.
Unlimited & Custom Delivery Areas
Customize frequency, order lead time, minimums, and fees for each sales channel. Define delivery areas by region, zip code, or radius.
Unlimited Pickup Locations
Customize frequency, order lead time, minimums and fees for each sales channel.
Third Party Shipping Rates

Fulfillment & Payment Processing

Pick & Pack Lists
Choose from different purpose-built formats.
Custom Payment Methods
Accept e-transfer, COD, and beyond.
Point-of-Sale (POS)
Robust Custom Credits
Apply store credit to individual buyers to avoid payment provider refund fees, to run your buy-down CSA, and to run promotions.
No Sales Transaction Fees
If you have online payments enabled, you only pay your payment provider's fees - Local Line never takes a cut!

Analytics & Support

Business Insights & Reports
High-level business insights and downloadable reports
High-Quality, Personalized Customer Support
Responsive, knowledgeable, and empathetic dedicated success reps for each customer.

Spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

All it takes is a few clicks to get you connected to your customers, selling online, and easily fulfilling your orders.

*7 day free trial · no credit card required · affordable monthly plans