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Graphic Data Handbook

The Direct Farmer's Data Handbook

What to track, why, and what it means as a direct-market farmer.

About the eBook

Get serious about your farm's sales data.

Farming successfully relies on many data inputs. Use this handbook to give you more meaning to the numbers that farms should be tracking in order to really see what is happening with their business. We will give you the what and why of each metric, along with helpful tips for pushing your numbers in the right direction––up!

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Chapters Included

What's included in the eBook

Data Growth

Your business, your data

Farming successfully relies on many data inputs. You monitor rain, soil health, and planting schedules. What can often be neglected, though, are the less tangible aspects of your operation.



Fulfillment data really cuts to the heart of the value of your time. Seeing this information at a glance can tell you two important things: how do my customers prefer to receive their orders, and is one method or the other simply not needed.

Shopping Cart

Abandoned Carts

There are many services out there that specialize in helping businesses tackle the problem of cart abandonment. 

Active Times

Finding the most active days/times

Your customers’ active times can also help you make a few handy assumptions about your customer base. 

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