customer management

Manage all your customers in the palm of your hand.

Track orders and payments, automate follow-ups, and empower your sales reps to sell more.

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Organize & Track Your Customers

Keep your customers and their info in a centralized place that tracks their purchasing habits.

Communication & Messaging

Send messages to all customers, segments of customers, or specific customers. For example, send an message to every customer in NYC with an orderdue order between 30 and 60 days in under a minute!

Log Orders

Sometimes customers don't order online, or it takes a while to pick up a new habit, and that's ok! You can log orders for your customers to keep everything together.

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Success Stories

Putting Customers First: River Bell Market Garden

Looking for a new business model, they wanted to transition to selling to individual customers through an online store. This is when they found Local Line.

Posted on 
Sep 6, 2018
Nina Galle
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