Product management

Easily track and update all your products, prices, and inventory.

With everything you'd expect in a product management feature, you're able to track packaging, categories, seasonality, and more!

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Inventory Management

Manage and update your inventory, pricing, packaging, product photos and more in one place.


Create dedicated price lists for your different customer segments. Display different pricing, packaging, and create sale products.


Categorize your products for internal tracking, and categorize them for customers who want to quickly find a type of product you offer.

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Success Stories

Offering Pricing for Variable Weighted Products: Spray Creek Ranch

Far from their roots of Northern California, BC ranchers Tristan and Aubyn Banwell are passionate about raising livestock to benefit the health of people and the environment. Operating in their fifth season, they’ve seen tremendous growth but were starting to feel the pains of growing their business.

Posted on 
Aug 2, 2018
Nina Galle
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