Delivery & pickup

Organize your delivery and pickup schedule to maximize profit!

Whether you deliver to a specific address or across an entire state, Local Line helps you organize your logistics so you're always on schedule.

Simplify and stay organized between supplier logistics and customer logistics.

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Create Delivery Plans

Whether you deliver to a specific address, a neighbourhood, a city, or a state, you can customize:
• delivery cities
• availability
• lead times
• minimum order amount
• delivery fees

Add Pickup Locations

If customers pick up from you, add in all of your pickup locations and let them select their preference at checkout.
• pickup locations
• availability
• lead times
• minimum order amount
• pickup fees

case study example
Success story

Implementing Successful (and Profitable) Co-loading in Livestock Farming

Three Local Line suppliers were all working on their own independent distribution plans, but found success working together and combining their delivery routes.

 Posted by
Nina Galle

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