Meet the TEAM

Our Amazing Local Line Team

Cole Jones
Cole's life work is helping food suppliers be successful entrepreneurs. At this point, it's a full-blown obsession and we're really just hoping he gets a hobby soon.
Jennifer Webb
Customer success
Jen is a recovered restaurant industry professional who's found her true calling supporting our customers with everything they need. She's currently working for her new boss, baby Miles until 2020!
Courtney Lang
CUSTOmer success
Courtney is a farmer (you know because of the dirt on her hand!) at heart who spends her days on the computer passionately helping our customers be successful!
Jordan van Everdingen
Jordan is an amazing athlete but terrible at office ping pong. When he's not doing demo's with customers you can find him in the ping pong room practising his serves.
Darian Waite
Darian might look professional in his headshot but don't be fooled! He's the first and last person on the dance floor and can make you smile no matter what.
Nina Galle
Nina took a couragous leap to help launch Local Line Oceania. In the past six months, she's helped us acquire customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Guam!
Rob Barreca
Product manager
Rob is based in Hawaii, so, ya... a once a year in person visit with the Canadian team is enough for Rob. We're still trying to figure out how to plan our next company meeting in Honolulu.
Alex Wu
Fun fact: Alex eats more than an average family of 4, and he does it with ease! His big appetite fuels his big brain and his even bigger heart! He's also very good at board games.
Ryan Tabula
A recovering accountant, Ryan has seen the light and know's his talent is best applied helping make Local Line as easy-to-use as possible. When he's not making beautiful designs he's on the basketball court.
Kevin Xue
Kevin is an avid traveller, soup-expert (apparently that’s a real thing), and volleyball player. After travelling the world and enjoying different global cuisines, Kevin returned back to Ontario to help farmers grow more of the amazing food he loves.
Mike van Lammeren
LEAD Developer
Mike is Local Line's cool & collected lead developer. This isn't his first rodeo, and it shows. When he's not leading our engineering team or managing sprints, he's BBQ'ing the best ribs you've ever had in your life!
Jade Samadi
demand gen
After working at a high-growth startup in the health care industry, Jade has now joined Local Line and shifted his focus to a WAY more exciting industry: food!! Fun fact: Jade is 6'6, which means he's extremely useful when the company cookies get put on the top shelf.
director of fetch
Clark takes his fetch duties very seriously. He's constantly practising to perfect his craft, and only takes breaks for liver treats and pets from the team.
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