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About The Local Line Partner Program

The Local Line Partner Program is a solution for influencers who are looking to grow their business with a partnership that reflects their brand values.

More than just a marketing channel, our Partner Program is designed to create long-lasting relationships with brands and industry leaders who share our same values. We are not interested in one-off transactions or paid advertising, we're interested in aligned philosophies that create long term success for everyone.

Our partner program is expanding! If you’re an association, business, or organization and are interested in a different style of partnership, email us.
We’d love to connect!


Starting at 15% revenue share.

Discounted Local Line account.

Custom landing page and dashboard to track commissions.

Media kit with scripts, copy, logos, graphics, content and more.

local line

About Local Line

Local Line’s software helps family farmers and other food suppliers sell their products online, communicate with customers, and keep themselves organized. Our white-label e-commerce, CRM, and inventory modules enable farmers to control their own brand, manage their inventory, and grow their business.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, our mission is to help every farmer that does direct marketing profitably grow their business while exponentially increasing access to local food.

Why Local Line?

Local Line’s Partner Program is built for industry influencers who care about seeing their audience succeed as much as we do. You'll be a good fit if:

You Share Our Values

Agriculture is your passion

Like us, you have a passion for local food. You recognize the importance that locally grown food has on our economy and environment. You love that local food brings people closer together and creates a positive (and lasting!) difference in our communities.

Helping makes you happy

You share helpful tips and best practices to those who share your love of agriculture. Letting your audience in on what’s worked for you, what you’ve learned, and how they can replicate it is the real reason you do what you do.

You embrace new technology

Farmers are tech-savvy, too! You recognize that the most effective way to share your message and grow sales is with a responsive website, videos, and social media. You love combining ag and tech, and digital marketing comes naturally to you.

We’re Committed to Our Customers

Customer service is our priority

Each Local Line customer has a dedicated account representative to help onboard them and be an ongoing consultant for their account.

We succeed when our customers do

Using the Local Line platform, farms, farmers markets and food hubs have been able to significantly grow their businesses—River Bell Market Garden saw a 42% increase in sales in their first year with Local Line!

No spam, ever

Our email newsletters only contain content that is valuable to our audience, and marketing communications are delivered only to those who subscribe to receive them. For more information, read our Privacy Policy.


Partnership Success Stories

Curtis Stone


Famous Canadian urban farmer Curtis Stone recommends Local Line as the best sales platform for family farmers in North America! Curtis has been a proud partner of Local Line since October 2019.

Nate Dodson


Nate Dodson offers an online course teaching his audience of 60,000 how to launch and grow a successful microgreens business. Nate recommends Local Line as the best marketing and sales tool for growing microgreens operations.

partner program packages

The Right Package For You

Local Line Partner Program Packages
Audience size: 100,000+
Primary channels include YouTube, courses and e-books
Audience size: 20,000–100,000
Primary channels include YouTube, podcasts or blogs
Audience size: 5,000–20,000
Primary channels include email newsletters and display ads
Recurring Revenue Share
Starting at 15%
Starting at 15%
Custom Local Line Landing Page
Media Kit (Local Line logos, scripts, sample copy, graphics and more)
Discounted Local Line Account
Email updates with product features and news
Free premium Local Line feature for your audience
Local Line swag
Recognized on Local Line website with published blog posts and other content (backlinks to you)
Promotion on Local Line social channels
- Video/audio review of Local Line
- Sponsored post/mention 12x/year
- Video/audio review of Local Line
- Sponsored post/mention 6x/year
- Video/audio review of Local Line
- Sponsored post/mention 4x/year
Link from your site to Local Line
Free Forever
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per month (paid yearly)
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