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Special add-ons that take your business to the next level.

Square Point-of-Sale Integration

Connect Local Line with the Square Terminal device to process in person payments while keeping your inventory, customers, and orders in sync!

+ $9.99/month
A  Square point-of-sale terminal on a backdrop of a Local Line website.
A screenshot of applying customer credits in the Local Line system.

Customer Credits

Grant your customers credits that can be applied to their order at checkout. Perfect for CSA's, refunds, and running promotions!

+ $9.99/month

Advanced Inventory

Create multiple packaging and pricing options from the same inventory pool. For example, you can sell apples in multiple bag sizes. Perfect for meat, cheese, and certain produce farms.

A screenshot of advanced inventory in the Local Line system
A screenshot of creating additional catalogs with a percentage discount in the Local Line system

Additional Catalogs

Create and manage price lists for different customer segments. For example, if you sell to families and to restaurants, you can maintain two different price lists for them.


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