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The Farmer's Guide to

Managing Wholesale and Retail Customers

Sell through multiple sales channels using Price Lists

Create unique price lists for different customer segments. Customize your products, packages, and prices for retail & wholesale customers.

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About the eBook

Sell farm products to chefs, grocery stores, and households online using one inventory.

Selling through multiple sales channels can be easy. In this guide, we go through the best ways to organize and use your online store. Use this easy-to-follow farm-focused handbook to diversify your sales channels today!

How to Sell to Multiple Sales Channels Local Line Guide Inside

Chapters Included

What's included in the eBook

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Picking the RIGHT sales channel for your business.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different sales channels for your farm? Let's dive a little bit deeper.

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How do I organize all my different sales channels?

Our method to get organized, be efficient, and automate your workflows when you sell to multiple sales chanenls.

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Tips for using multiple price lists, but one inventory.

How do you manage one inventory, but sell to multiple customer segments? Local Line provides the answers.

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Learn directly from a farmer who sells retail and wholesale.

Hermann from Wild Flight Farm manages all his sales channels through Local Line. Learn what this looks like in practice.

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