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“Local Line is a game changer for small to medium sized Market Gardens. It opens up a bigger customer base at a very affordable cost. Rate of Return on your investment in Local Line pays for itself over and over every month.”

Roy & Carole

“The online store is very easy to maintain compared to some other sites we used as part of our local farmers' market. It provides a great deal of flexibility on how you sort and present your products. The ability to put the store on hold during the winter months without losing any of our customer or product information is a great feature and provides a big cost savings.”

Mark & Denise

“Loving Local Line for our online store! It makes our business SO much easier by having all the orders placed online. Then, we can print out a list of items to pack up for the Market. I can't believe I was ever hesitant to start an online storefront. It has been the best for our farm business!”


British Columbia
“This is a very versatile platform to operate from because as orders come in your inventory numbers are automatically adjusted. This allows staff to operate on my behalf when I am not present. There is a built-in invoicing function and it ties into your square account. I believe that you can get reports for taxation purposes about your year's sales. I really like it!”


“Honestly can't say enough about Local Line. We went from zero to six vendors and 200+ products in two weeks. Six months later we now have 22 vendors and 650+ products and selling $1000+ a week in local foods. Every step of the way Local Line's team has been there to guide us and help us through the technical issues, and they keep working to make the system better. We wouldn't have an online store if it weren't for Local Line...and our local farmers and producers would be struggling even more.”


new york
“Our farm made a rapid 24 hour switch to pre-orders and home deliveries after a market closure in March 2020 and two days after our first deliveries, we knew we needed a platform to manage this. After a bunch of research, the flexibility and features of LocalLine won over and we dove in. We have processed around 150 orders a week since then and, while not always perfect, customer support has been beyond fantastic and the LocalLine team is always open to listening to and actually implementing suggestions. You really won’t find a better team. And being honest, no software is going to work perfectly, all of them are still adapting to these new demands and challenges, but the features of LocalLine most certainly align the best with farmers markets, small market farms, and food hubs. Highly recommend!”


“Local Line has really been a benefit to my small business! It is a very easy platform to learn! My customers LOVE being able to go on Local Line and order my products along with other makers products and pick them all up at the same place & time!”


"What an AMAZING find and fix to all my ordering troubles. Local Line has made my job so much easier and continues to do so with improving the website constantly! We love being able to offer feedback and have personal calls with customer service. Local Line really cares about making our job easier! As a farmers, it is so hard and time consuming to keep all my customer orders and inventory straight. Since I started using Local Line about a year ago, mistakes are very rare now. We encourage every farmer and small business owner to get this website ASAP!”


“Started using Local Line as part of a Farmer's Market site. The process was pretty intuitive and the few questions I had were answered right away either by their extensive help section or a speedy response from a Local Line person via email. Feedback from buyers also indicated the purchase process from their end was also simple. A well run operation.”


Nova scotia
“Beginning during the pandemic, our farm shifted to online ordering and home delivery. Local Line really helps us to manage the volume of orders we receive. We were able to complete the initial set up in less than an hour. Our customers find it attractive and easy to use. Whenever I have encountered an issue with the platform, the staff have been very responsive and helpful in finding a resolution. Thanks Local Line!”

Corey & Laurie

“When COVID hit and our farmers' markets closed, we had to come up with a plan on moving our products. Local line has been an amazing tool for our farm. With so many options for delivering as well as pick up locations, we have been able to easily continue to use it as markets opened back up. Our customers have found it easy to use, and with having square payments, we are able to safely and without contact ensure that our customers have the quality and nutritious local foods that they are looking for.”


“We have been very happy with the ease of use and combined inventory tracking through different sales channels with the LocalLine platform. Along with sales tracking through square integration, we can manage it all from one location. Customer service is also tops, with quick responses and fixes to minor problems encountered. Our customers also appreciate the simplicity of the ordering and checkout process.”


“In March when COVID hit, we started to consider an online sales platform. Local line was suggested to us by a fellow grower. We signed up for the free trial and were extremely pleased with the ease of use, customer service and the cost of the platform. We are very happy with our Local line experience.”


New Jersey
“We started to pivot to online sales in March when COVID began wreaking havoc. We signed up, and 4 of the 6 Farmers' Markets we attend also signed up in ways that make it easy for other smaller vendors to participate. We process between 500 and 200 orders per week with Local Line, and it's been going great. Big shout-out to Jen in their support team- that wonderful woman has answered every question I've had with amazing speed, helpfulness, and cheerfulness.”


“Local Line is amazing!! We’ve been using them for e-commerce for a couple of years and are so excited about the POS integration. The customer service is unmatched, and the platform is very user friendly.”

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