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Local Line Webinars

Marketing for Farms + Food Hubs: Local Line Services

About the webinar

How do your services work? What's included? Who's doing the work?

Sometimes, the hardest part of operating a farm isn’t growing the food; it’s selling it. That's why our team has built out a suite of farm-focused marketing services to help you grow your audience and ultimately move more product.

In this webinar, we go over all our services, what's included, and pricing.

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Why Local Line Services?

Discover why our services are made for farms and food hubs

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Focused on Growth

Our 3-step approach allows us to learn your business and your goals, ensuring you reach your targets.

Measurable Results

Get bi-weekly or monthly reports on the success of your campaigns with Local Line. 

Team of Experts

We're so passionate about helping farms and food hubs scale their marketing - we wrote a book about it

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