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Flexible, easy-to-use subscription platform

Transform one-time sales into reliable, recurring revenue with Local Line's online subscription management software, designed to help you manage and grow your food subscription business.
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Add recurring revenue

Turn one-time e-commerce orders into recurring revenue by offering subscriptions on your products. Converting customers to subscriptions provides greater cashflow predictability and allows customers to reserve in-demand products in advance.

Maximum flexibility

Add, edit, and cancel subscriptions, manage customer settings, oversee customer management, and cancel their subscription from the back office. Your customers can edit their subscription settings and add one-off purchases to their subscription orders.

Subscriptions for weighted items

Variable-weight order functionality for all your subscription products, like meat and seafood. Pre-authorize your customer's card and charge it only after the final weights have been added.


Subscription plans for all your customers

A subscription plan defines how orders are created on a recurring basis. Create unique daily, weekly, monthly or custom subscription plans for different customers, or have customers generate their own subscription orders while shopping your storefront. After a subscription is started, it can be edited, skipped, or cancelled.
Create custom subscription plans
Customers can create unique subscription orders
Edit, skip, or cancel subscriptions at any time
Selling subscriptions online for vegetables, meat, fish and produce
Build your Dream Website

Control every subscription from your Local Line back office

Subscription delivery or pickup options

Order fulfillment

Select which delivery and pickup options are available for subscription products. Define eligible plans, frequency, lead times, and payment methods.

Subscription plan software

Subscriptions by package

Set subscriptions for specific product packages and price lists. Want to offer some packages as one-time purchase and other packages as subscription products? No problem!

Advanced subscription platform features

A la carte add-ons

Customers can add non subscription items to any subscription order, making it easy to run sales and generate upsells, and increase average order size.


A subscription feature that works for all types of business models

Used by all types of farms selling all types of products, our subscription feature integrates with our website builder and can accommodate all types of workflows. No matter what you grow or who you sell to, Local Line will simplify how you run your subscription program.
Unique subscription plans
Set subscription plans for specific customers in your back office or offer subscription products for your different price lists.
Subscriptions for weighted products
Sell weighted products like meat, vegetables or seafood in a subscription. Pre-authorize your customers card at checkout and charge it after final weights have been added.
Add, edit, and skip orders
Add and edit subscriptions, change settings, and cancel subscriptions from your back office. Your customers can edit their subscription settings and add one-off purchases to their subscription orders in their order history.
Subscriptions by package
The length of time required to build your website depends on the website package you select and how long it takes to gather the necessary assets like photos, videos, etc. Generally, we're able to build and launch websites within 2-4 weeks, depending on complexity.
A la carte add-ons
Allow customers to add non subscription items to any subscription order, making it easy to run sales and generate upsells.
Delivery & pickup
Customers select their preferred delivery and pick up plan prior to completing their order in the storefront. This ensures that only customers eligible for subscription products can checkout.

A subscriptions workflow built just for farms

Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about Local Line's subscription feature.
“We've been really impressed with the people behind Local Line. It's really focused on agriculture and what we're doing which is really handy. Anytime you're asking for support, there's always someone there. They're speaking our language, they know farming. They know the platform really well.”
Testimonial image from River Bottom Family Farm
Laura and Ray
River Bottom Family Farm
"Having customers be able to order online is huge. Last year, we didn’t even have a credit card feature for most of our CSA members. We had to rely on people seeing our advertising, then remembering to go home, write a check, and send it in the mail. This has made it a lot easier for your customers and us! "
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Spur Hollow Farm

Frequently asked questions about subscriptions

What is subscription model in farm e-commerce?
In farm e-commerce, the subscription model is a business strategy where customers pay a recurring fee at regular intervals for a certain product i.e. a meat or veggie box subscription. This approach is becoming more and more popular amongst farmers to ensure recurring revenue. For example, customers can sign up for local farm subscriptions to receive regular deliveries of fresh farm produce, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, and even specialty items like flowers for those who sell flowers online.
How much does a subscription e-commerce platform cost?
The cost of adding the subscriptions feature to your Local Line account is $24/month. Local Line plans such as Premium and up, include this feature in the monthly cost. For specific pricing details, you can visit our pricing page. Local Line offers flexible pricing to accommodate different business sizes and needs.
How can I sell subscriptions online?
To start selling subscriptions online with Local Line, first set up an account using our free 7-day trial, define your subscription offerings, and integrate them into your existing product list. Utilize Local Line's features to manage subscriptions, including customer modifications and order fulfillment.
How do I start a food box subscription business?
Starting a food box subscription business involves several steps. First, identify the food products you want to offer on a subscription basis. With Local Line, you can learn how to sell subscriptions online, including setting up your subscription plans on the platform. Local Line provides tools to build a storefront, manage customer subscriptions, process payments, and handle order fulfillment efficiently. Additionally, marketing your subscriptions to your target audience is a critical part of the process.
Can you set up a CSA subscription on Local Line?
Yes, you can set up a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscription on Local Line. Our platform is designed to cater specifically to the needs of farms and food businesses, making it ideal for managing CSA subscriptions. With Local Line, you can easily create and manage different subscription plans for your CSA, track customer shares, and handle various aspects of order fulfillment, including delivery routes and pick up plans. This functionality allows you to offer your customers a seamless subscription experience, ensuring they regularly receive their share of your farm's produce, while also simplifying the management process for you. Learn more about using Local Line as a CSA software for your farm.
What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a model where consumers purchase a share of a farm's harvest in advance and, in return, receive regular allotments of the farm's produce throughout the growing season. This model supports local agriculture and provides consumers with fresh, locally-sourced food. Learn more about CSA marketing.

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