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Local Line

The all-in-one sales platform for farms

Welcome to the future of local food. Farms and producers of all kinds use Local Line to turn their passion into profit. Start your free trial today and see why thousands of farms around the world choose Local Line.

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Proudly serving farms in


Expertly crafted solutions to help your business grow

Local Line puts the farmer back in the driver seat. Use one of all of our offerings to take control of your farm and it's future.


E-commerce built for farms, food hubs and more

Local Line is built for selling food online. Our platform includes out-of-the-box features like custom price lists, selling by weight, and connections with other farms and food buyers near you.

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Back Office

The Back Office of Your Dreams

Keep everything in one place. The Local Line back office stores all your important business information including inventory, orders, invoices, customers, deliveries, payments, reports and more.

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Free monthly webinars that cover a wide variety of topics and include a variety of highly sought after guests! Check out our Webinars page to see past recordings and register for the next one.

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For the Food System

Built to strengthen the local food system

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Farming is hard enough as it is. You need a platform that makes your life easier. No matter what you grow, use Local Line to increase your sales and your profits.

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Food Hubs

Aggregating local food is complex. There's a lot of moving parts. Our platform has the features your food hub needs to stay on top of it all with ease!

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Looking for new suppliers? Search thousands of farms and more than 260,000 products across all categories. Use Local Line to scale your local food procurement.


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Book a platform demo!

Want to learn more about our platform and our services? Book a personal one-on-one demo today and we'll show you what makes Local Line so special. 

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Success Story

How Brown Sugar Produce grew their CSA using Local Line

Teri from Brown Sugar Produce uses Local Line's email marketing to remind customers to place orders. Using this feature, combined with her a-la-carte CSA model resulted in upsells worth more than $3,000 per month! The success of Local Line in her business allowed her to ditch the market and build a direct customer base. 

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"I spend less time on the computer and more time with my hands in the soil because we use Local Line. I don’t want to spend time in the office, and Local Line has helped me achieve this."


- Brown Sugar Produce

You have questions, we have answers!

Is Local Line a marketplace?

Not exactly! Local Line is not the "Amazon of local food". There are some marketplace aspects to our platform, like our connections feature that allows farms to re-sell with other farms and food hubs, or our discover feature that allows buyers to search for farms in their area. 

Mainly, Local Line is an e-commerce platform for the farm, enabling them to sell to all of their customers.

What is Local Line?

Local Line is an e-commerce platform that helps farms, producers, food hubs and farmers markets sell to their customers and manage all their operations in one place. Keep your customers, inventory, orders, and payments in sync with a robust set of features that help you sell and market your products. 

Is Local Line right for me?

Local Line is built for food suppliers doing direct marketing. If you're building direct relationships with your customers, whether it's using retail or wholesale channels, Local Line is a fit for you. 

In what countries is Local Line available?

Local Line is available in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and select other European countries. 

Currently our platform is only available in English but we will be adding more languages in the future. 

If you'd like to use Local Line and are located outside of our service areas, please join our waitlist and we will notify you when Local Line becomes available in your country! 

Can I sell retail and wholesale?

Yes! Price lists allow you to sell to multiple sales channels using one inventory. Using our Price List feature you can control the products, packaging, pricing, payment methods, fulfillment times, and more for each customer segment.

Depending on your Local Line subscription level, you may have one or multiple price lists. You can purchase additional price lists for $30/month.

I run a CSA. Can I use Local Line?

Yes! If you have the Store Credits feature enabled in your Local Line account, your CSA customers can purchase credits in advance and pay with those credits upon checkout.

Local Line is a well known platform for flexible/choice CSA's, which allow the customer to customize their box each order period. 

Our upcoming Subscriptions feature will make it easy for fixed box CSA's to run their recurring box deliveries.