Source Local Food

Supplier discovery

Explore farms in your local area with detailed supplier discovery. Filter your search by location, product availability, food safety, and more. Be notified when new farms become available!
Map of New York with farms pinned on the map. A featured map farm pin showcases a farm profile for Charlotte's Farm based in Albany New York.

Discover new products

Why is the food that's grown closest to you the most difficult to access? That's the opposite of how it should be! Use Supplier Discovery to search over 300,000 local food products that match your specific needs.

Save time and headaches

Finding new suppliers is difficult, time consuming, and can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase. Using Local Line can reduce the time spent finding new suppliers by up to 90%.

Streamlined onboarding

After you've found the perfect new product, Local Line makes it easy to onboard your new supplier and stock your new product. Verify documents, confirm pricing, and organize a sample delivery from your Local Line dashboard.
Supplier Discovery

Nationwide local food coverage at the click of a button

Local Line is the farm-to-fork platform of choice for thousands of farms and food suppliers across North America, which means you'll enjoy nationwide coverage of every category including Produce, Meats, Fish, Dairy, Cheese, Baked Goods, Beverages, and more.
Search using highly detailed criteria including location, food safety standards, growing practises, product pricing, and more.
Create lists of favored and approved suppliers.
View supplier contact details, delivery schedules, and order minimums at a glance.
Farm profile for River Farm Co detailing their contact information, the products they sell, and their certifications
Search and Onboarding Workflow

Ready to find your diamond in the rough?

search field showcasing search by distance for an organic egg supplier 50 miles around Albany, New York

1. Define your search criteria

Not every supplier is a perfect match for you. Start by defining your specific search criteria. Once you've applied all the filters that matter to you, search by product or supplier and see who's a match!
Farm Fresh Organic Eggs ui card

2. Review matching products

After you've generated a list of products that match your search, you'll see detailed information about the supplier including their delivery schedule, order minimums, and contact info.
Supplier on their farm holding their well cared for chickens

3. Meet the supplier

Connect with the supplier through your Local Line account. Direct them to your supplier onboarding flow, or submit a sample order for delivery to your location.

Supplier Discovery

Give your sourcing team the ultimate edge

Anyone can source from the big brands. What's special is being able to stock a product that none of your competitors have access to. Finding the right high quality local product is what you need to turn window shoppers into repeat customers.
Search by product or supplier
Some of your local suppliers probably already use Local Line! Search by supplier name or by specific products (ex: Blueberries).

Search by distance and delivery area
"Local" means different things to different people. Set your distance filter to match your definition of local so that only applicable products are displayed.
Search by food safety and growing practises
Need all your farms to be GAP certified? Or maybe you'd like to buy from a farm using regenerative practises? We've got you covered! Filter for more than 17 different certification types.
Curate favoured and approved suppliers
As you discover suppliers that stand out, add them to your list of favorites for future review. Once a supplier is approved, mark them as such and give your team permission to submit orders.
Onboard new suppliers
Onboard new suppliers using Local Line's secure document exchange. Request to view audit reports, credit applications, insurance details, and more.
Be notified when new products are added
If you can't find a product you're looking for, submit a Product Request Form and our team will get to work sourcing it for you!


Trusted by the best in the business

Local Line is trusted by all types of food buyers from grocery retailers, co-ops, restaurants, and more. See what they have to say about Local Line's procurement software.
“Local Line has made a big difference in our local sourcing process. We estimate that using Local Line to source all our local food saves us 10-20 hours per week and saves us 6-8% on labor costs."
Testimonial image from River Bottom Family Farm
John Crane, GM
Portland Food Co-op
"Local Line bypasses the traditional distribution channels and allows us to get products directly from the local farmer to each of our locations. Local Line gave us access to local products that we didn't previously have the ability to buy."
Testimonial image from Spur Hollow Farm
Jason Corriveau, Director of Grocery
Roche Bros. Supermarkets
Trusted by the best in the business