Shop our growing network of more than 250,000 local food products

Whether you’re a consumer or a business, use Local Line to buy from more than 9,000 local farms across North America

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Access Thousands of Local Farms

Use Local Line to browse more than 9,000 farms across North America. Search by delivery, pickup, products, certifications, and more!

Buy Fresh Food Online

In many cases, local products move from the field to your plate within 1-2 days, meaning the food you buy is always farm-fresh.

Discover New Products

With more than 250,000 products to choose from, find local food near you and expand your horizons while supporting farmers directly.

Support Your Community

Buying local food helps farming families in your province or state. By purchasing from local farms you’re supporting your community, improving the environment, and putting healthier food on your table.
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Built for B2C & B2B Purchases

Farms use Local Line to sell to families, restaurants, grocery stores, and more! Both consumers and businesses can sign up to access local food near them.

Robust Payment Terms

If you’re a wholesale buyer, you’re likely not paying for bulk orders with a credit card at checkout. Local Line supports net 30, net 60, and net 90 payment terms to support all types of wholesale buyer arrangements.

Verify Food Safety Certifications

Filter your searches for organic, GAP, grass-fed, and much more. Verify that your food is being grown and handled the way you expect.

Advanced Logistics

Farms on Local Line offer a combination of delivery and pickup. You can search farms by delivery area, pickup locations, minimum order requirement, lead time, and more.
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Always Included

Mobile-Friendly Ordering

Local Line’s modern, optimized storefront makes ordering on the fly a breeze!

Account Management

If you need help sourcing a product, or if you need to find a specific farm, our team is here to make sure you find what you're looking for!

Order History

Track your order history, invoices, and payments in the “Order History” section of your account.

Free Customer Support

Call our support center anytime from 9am - 9pm EST, Mon-Fri to get immediate help from our dedicated team.

New Farms

Local Line adds hundreds of new farms each month. Our network  of local food producers is always growing!
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