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Local Food Sourcing

Sourcing Local Food, Made Easy

Elevate your local food sourcing game with Local Line! Discover and buy from an extensive collection of products sourced from thousands of family farms. Shop online, pay easily, and receive delivery straight to your doorstep, warehouse, or business. Access a vast array of products from all categories and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free procurement with Local Line. 

photo of tomatoes with a web of photos as well as a map with pin drops of farm locations

What's Included

Simplify and scale your local food procurement

We've carefully designed our platform to make buying from local producers organized, efficient, and profitable! Here's an overview of our features:

Farm Finder

Find farms and producers in your area using our farm finder. Specify location, product, certifications, and more. 

Digital Ordering

No more spreadsheets or phone calls. Order local food directly from the source using our e-commerce features. 

Invoicing & Payments

Receive digital invoices for your orders. Pay producers directly using multiple different payment methods.

Food Safety

Set filters and search for farms that match your food safety standards. View certifications, audit reports, and schedule on-site visits with farms you want to do business with. 

Reports & Analytics

Fully automate your local food reporting. View all your local data in over 50 different graphs, charts, and spreadsheets. Integrate your data with other key business systems.

Farm Finder

Access new farms

Explore an extensive list of farms in your area with our detailed search feature. Save your preferred farms for effortless future access. Filter your search by location, delivery date, product availability, inventory, certification, and beyond. Receive notifications when new farms become available near you.

Map of Local Line's farm finder with pins on a map
Laptop with the Local Line orders page displayed

Streamlined ordering & payments

Digitize your entire local supply chain

Bring your local food supply chain into the digital age by enlisting your entire procurement team. Define user access levels and implement rigorous approval processes to ensure only the finest farms are showcased. Keep track of all your orders, deliveries, invoices, and payments from every local vendor through a single streamlined dashboard.

Ready to source more local?

Learn more about how Local Line supports local food purchasing by speaking with a member of our team.

woman farming in green house with screenshots of Local Line products available

Local Farms and Producers

Local Line supports farms, food hubs, farmers markets, artisanal producers, and more.

young female farmer in hat harvesting beetroots


Whether you're looking for traditional, simple produce or highly unique heirloom varieties, Local Line is your answer to unmatched access to local produce!

farm agriculture and farmer man with cattle eating


Tired of the mass produced stuff? High quality meat is better. Use Local Line to access some of the highest quality local family ranches.

artisan baker holding a tray of special sourdough


Local Line isn't just for raw producers. Looking for carrot cake made from local carrots? Or bread baked with flour from a local mill? We've got you covered.

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