Join us as we connect the local food system.

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Our vision is ambitious and important. We're creating a local food network for family farms around the world. We want to make local food more accessible, and we want to give farmers the tools to secure their future as successful, independent entrepreneurs.
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Our team is made up of caring, intelligent, hard-working, mission focused people, and those are always the best kind of people to work with :)
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You'll build/sell a product that's used a lot (in many cases multiple times per day)!
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We have a loyal customer base, we're growing quickly, and there's tons of future expansion!
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Competitive compensation, benefits, equity packages, flexible work-from-home policies, and lots of advancement opportunities.
Meet The Team

Our Amazing Local Line Team

Cole Jones Local Line

Cole Jones

Kyle Haney Local Line

Kyle Haney

Nina Galle Local Line

Nina Galle

Katrina Couto Local Line

Katrina Couto

Jahan Kassam Local Line

Jahan Kassam

Marco Yim Local Line

Marco Yim

Customer Success
Jennifer Webb Local Line

Jennifer Webb

Customer success
Jen Denault Local Line

Jen Denault

Customer success
Emily Burke Local Line

Emily Burke

Customer Success
Alison Ryce Local Line

Alison Ryce

Customer Success
Christopher Bennett Local Line

Christopher Bennett

Technical support
Lindsey Schneider Local Line

Lindsey Schneider

Hank Goddard Local Line

Hank Goddard

Engineering Manager
Devin Schneider Local Line

Devin Schneider

Head of Design
Kurt Schneider Local Line

Kurt Schneider

software Developer
Cleber Griff Local Line

Cleber Griff

software Developer
Pearlin Sargunar Local Line

Pearlin Sargunar

software Developer
Ali Kamran Local Line

Ali Kamran

software Developer
Ray Nugroho Local Line

Ray Nugroho

QA Analyst
Garry Chan Local Line

Garry Chan

Data Architect

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