Vendor Management Software

Aggregate products from local vendors

Increase product inventory and improve operations with Local Line's vendor management tools, allowing you to easily aggregate and sell products from local farms and businesses near you.
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Online grocery

Collaborate with neighboring farms to start an online grocery store, online farmers market platform, food hub or food co-op. Whether you're selling your own products, or others, use Local Line to aggregate local products for resale.

Invite other vendors

Invite vendors to list their products in your existing Local Line e-commerce website. Expand your product categories without needing to produce everything yourself.

Manage inventory

Manage and update your inventory, pricing, product photos and more on behalf of your vendors. Customize which products and vendors get listed in your price lists.

How to Manage Your Food Suppliers & Vendors

Manage vendors yourself, or allow them to self-manage


Your farm or food hub has full control of your vendor's products and inventory. The vendor doesn't need to have a Local Line account.


Invite a vendor to create their own account and manage their listing. Connected vendors control their own products, pricing, and inventory.
Vendor Management Features

Aggregating and re-selling products with other vendors has never been easier

We've carefully designed our e-commece platform so that farms and hubs of all sizes can stay organized, efficient, and profitable! Here's an overview of all our vendor management features:
Online grocery
List all your vendors in your storefront, and organize their products by category to create a streamlined, pleasant ordering experience.
Simplified, single checkout
Add products to your cart from multiple vendors, then place your order with a unified, simple, high-converting single checkout and payment processing service.
Automated purchase orders
Automatically notify your vendors when they receive an order, a cancellation, a payment, and more. Rest easy knowing everyone is in the know.
Versatile pricing controls
Set your own price adjustments for all the different products in your store. Easily manage your margins. You can markup specific products or bulk adjust an entire price list.
Invite vendors
Invite local food vendors to sell through your online store and manage vendor relationships seamlessly. Whether they're already using Local Line or need to create a new account, the process is easy for all parties.
Manage inventory
Manage and update your inventory, pricing, product photos and more in one place. Create multiple package sizes and track them from one master inventory pool.
Easy order updates
Track all of your order details in one view. Adjust totals, payments, and create custom order tags to stay organized!
Vendor reports and analytics
Access comprehensive analytics for produce sales and food vendors with over 50 dashboards and reports on key sales metrics. Export your data into multiple formats quickly and easily to share it with your vendors.

Invite your vendors to join the party!

Managing vendors has never been easier. Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about Local Line's vendor management.
“Operating such a large food hub comes with its own set of challenges. Trying to figure out the logistics of listing and updating inventory for so many different vendors selling online can become time-consuming...Local Line has been really helpful for that. [Our vendors] can manage their own stores, add in products, take out products, manage availability, quantities, all that stuff.”
Testimonial from Annie from Alberta
"Honestly can't say enough about Local Line. We went from zero to six vendors and 200+ products in two weeks. Six months later we now have 22 vendors and 650+ products and selling $1000+ a week in local foods. Every step of the way Local Line's team has been there to guide us and help us through the technical issues, and they keep working to make the system better. We wouldn't have an online store if it weren't for Local Line...and our local farmers and producers would be struggling even more."
Testimonial from Michael from Illinois

Frequently asked questions about vendor management

What is vendor management?
Vendor management is the process food hubs, farmers’ markets, and food co-ops use to oversee the farmers, producers, and suppliers they work with, also known as vendors. It involves activities like choosing vendors, inventory management, managing costs, minimizing risks associated with vendors, and making sure vendors deliver as promised.
How does Local Line’s vendor management software work?
Local Line’s vendor management tools allow food hubs, farmers’ markets, and food co-ops, and farmers who re-sell local products to aggregate products from multiple local farmers, streamline their sales, and manage inventory efficiently—all within one platform. By collaborating with neighbouring farms or inviting other vendors to list their products in a Local Line store, farms and food hubs can expand their product range without increasing production costs. This system not only simplifies the process of managing and updating inventory and pricing on behalf of vendors but also offers customizable controls over which products and vendors are featured in price lists.
How do I choose the right vendors to sell food online?
When selecting vendors for selling food online, prioritize those with a reputation for fresh, high-quality products and positive customer feedback. Ensure their offerings enhance your current selection and meet customer needs. Check their pricing to fit your budget while remaining competitive. With Local Line, both the vendor and the seller are able to add mark ups or mark downs on shared products. Look for a commitment to food safety and sustainability, key factors for online buyers. Also, verify their ability to deliver on time, preserving product quality and freshness. Partnering with vendors who grasp the online food sales environment and match your dedication to customer satisfaction is crucial for success.
What types of food vendors can I partner with?
You can partner with a wide range of food vendors to diversify your offerings and appeal to a broader customer base when selling food online. These include:- Local Farmers and Market Gardens: Source fresh produce directly from local farms to offer seasonal and organic produce to your customers.- Artisanal Producers: Partner with artisans who specialize in handmade cheeses, bread, jams, and other gourmet items for customers seeking unique, high-quality products.- Meat and Seafood Suppliers: Collaborate with vendors providing local meat, poultry, and seafood, ensuring freshness and quality for your online marketplace.- Dairy Farms: Offer a variety of dairy products, including milk, yogurt, and cheese, from local dairies.- Specialty Food Suppliers: Work with suppliers of specialty foods like gluten-free, vegan, or ethnic cuisines to cater to niche markets and dietary preferences.- Beverage Producers: Include local wineries, breweries, and non-alcoholic beverage producers to add a range of drink options for your customers.

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