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Robust P.O and invoice management

Simplify order management and invoicing with Local Line's powerful tools, designed to simplify operations for farms and food hubs, saving you time and reducing errors.
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Order management

Turn your orders into invoices in one click! Print them for an easy fulfillment experience and sync with your accounting system.


Local Line integrates with hundreds of your favourite apps. These integrations save you time, reduce errors, and open up new workflow possibilities.

Downloads & exports

Export your data in multiple formats quickly and easily. Get the data you need, when you need it.

Sell by Weight

The easiest way to sell by weight

Weight adjustments

Input final weights into open orders once orders have been packed.
The updated total will be automatically reflected on the invoice.
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Pre-authorized payments

Just like at the gas pump, you can pre-authorize your customer's credit card and process the payment after the order is finalized.
Preauthorized payment options

Pay later

Get paid on your terms. Customize your payment terms and payment methods, and easily accept online and offline payments.
Pay later options for food business

Make the boring stuff a little fun!

Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about managing orders and invoices on Local Line.
“This is a very versatile platform to operate from because as orders come in your inventory numbers are automatically adjusted. This allows staff to operate on my behalf when I am not present. There is a built-in invoicing function and it ties into your square account. I believe that you can get reports for taxation purposes about your year's sales. I really like it!”
Testimonial from Wendy British Columbia
British Columbia
What an AMAZING find and fix to all my ordering troubles. Local Line has made my job so much easier and continues to do so with improving the website constantly! We love being able to offer feedback and have personal calls with customer service. Local Line really cares about making our job easier!"
Testimonial from Koren Illinois

Spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

All it takes is a few clicks to get you connected to your customers, selling online, and easily fulfilling your orders.
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Frequently asked questions about order and invoice management for farms

What is order management?
Order management helps businesses oversee the entire lifecycle of a customer order, from initial receipt through to delivery. For farms and agricultural businesses, this includes managing orders for a diverse range of products, from fresh produce to meat, ensuring each item is accurately tracked and delivered. Local Line makes order management easy by providing a centralized system where farms can manage orders, adjust to variable weights, and keep customers informed, ensuring a smooth path from farm to table.
What is invoice management?
Invoice management is the administration of billing and payment processes, from generating invoices to ensuring payments are received. In the context of farm e-commerce, agriculture, and selling meat or produce, it involves accurate billing for products sold by weight, quantity, or unit. Local Line simplifies invoice management for agricultural and food businesses by automating invoice updates based on final order details, helping maintain financial accuracy and streamline payments.
What is an invoice management system?
An invoice management system is a digital tool that automates the invoicing process, from creation to payment processing. It helps businesses manage their accounts receivable efficiently. Local Line's invoice management system allows for easy updating of invoices post-packing with accurate weights and prices, reducing manual errors and saving time.
Do you include templates for farm invoices?
Yes, Local Line provides pre-made farm invoice templates, designed to meet the needs of all types of food and agricultural businesses. These templates can be customized to include farm-specific details, ensuring that each invoice reflects your business accurately.
Does Local Line include delivery management features?
Yes, Local Line includes delivery management features that allow farms and food hubs to efficiently organize and track deliveries. Users can select delivery options, set delivery routes, and manage schedules within the platform, ensuring products reach customers timely and efficiently. Learn more about order fulfillment in Local Line.
Can Local Line's order management system help manage vendor invoices?
Yes, Local Line's order management system includes features to help manage vendor invoices, streamlining the process of collaborating with and paying vendors. By integrating vendor management directly within its platform, Local Line allows users to oversee vendor orders and generate invoices efficiently, ensuring accurate and timely payments. For more details on managing vendor relationships and invoices, visit our vendor and supplier management page.
How do I make a farm invoice?
Making a farm invoice in Local Line is straightforward. The platform automatically generates invoices when orders are placed, incorporating product details, pricing, and customer information. You can customize your invoice template to include your farm logo or specific terms before sending them to customers.