Digital Ordering

Order management

Simplify your food business's local sourcing process with Local Line's order management tools, built to save you time and money on every order from your food suppliers.
Checkout order showcasing seamless checkout for multiple suppliers

Streamline rrdering

Say goodbye to the chaotic process of submitting orders via emails, phone calls, and spreadsheets. Keep organized and submit all your direct-to-supplier orders on Local Line.

Complete visibility

Take the guess work out of what you ordered and where it's going. Add your entire team to your Local Line account so everyone can see what's scheduled to be delivered.

Time & labour savings

Submitting orders one by one takes hours. On Local Line, you can submit bulk orders from all your suppliers in less than half the time of sending individual order emails.
Order Management

Goodbye chaos, hello clarity!

Local Line's Order Management is the most effective way to submit digital orders to all your suppliers. View all your products, pricing, and delivery details in one place, and place a single order for multiple suppliers. Order Management is used for ordering at the store and at the DC.
Add your suppliers, products, and pricing.
Submit multi-supplier orders in one checkout.
Save labor hours and increase visibility on incoming deliveries.
Local Line product screen showcasing orders table
Order Management Process

Lets shine a light on your orders

Onboarding checklist for seamless onboarding setup

Supplier onboarding

Our team will help you onboard your suppliers so you can submit digital orders. When you submit an order, each supplier will get an email with an attached P.O.

email invite to team members

Invite your team

With a few clicks, you can add other members of your team who need to be able to place orders. You can customize locations, departments, and assign varying permissions for each person.

order confirmation screen

Place orders

You and your team can start submitting digital orders to your suppliers in less than half the time of doing it manually! You'll save hours each week and your team will be able to see every scheduled incoming order.
Order Management

Save time and money placing orders on Local Line

Create a standard operating procedure for all your local purchases. Ordering through Local Line is simple and repeatable, making it easy to train new staff and bring clarity to your operations.
Consolidated ordering
Whether you work with 2 local farms or 200, use Local Line to organize all your direct-to-supplier ordering for all your locations.

Complete visibility
Track what orders have been submitted, share incoming delivery dates with team members, and keep everyone on the same page.

Time & labour savings
Order from multiple suppliers in a matter of minutes. No more clipboards, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls. Ordering should be simple!

Order by weight
Local Line has advanced 'Order by Weight' functionality, allowing you to place orders for weighted items and receive a final invoice after the product has been finalized.
Need to send your order data to other business systems? We've got you covered. Local Line integrates with multiple popular ERP & Order Management platforms.
When your orders are placed in Local Line, reporting becomes a breeze. Want to compare purchases across locations? Or look at specific product pricing over time? No matter what data you're looking for you'll find it in our Local Line Reporting.
Trusted by the best in the business

Trusted by the best in the business

Local Line is trusted by all types of food buyers from grocery retailers, co-ops, restaurants, and more. See what they have to say about Local Line's procurement software.
“Local Line has made a big difference in our local sourcing process. We estimate that using Local Line to source all our local food saves us 10-20 hours per week and saves us 6-8% on labor costs."
Testimonial image from River Bottom Family Farm
John Crane, GM
Portland Food Co-op
"Local Line bypasses the traditional distribution channels and allows us to get products directly from the local farmer to each of our locations. Local Line gave us access to local products that we didn't previously have the ability to buy."
Testimonial image from Spur Hollow Farm
Jason Corriveau, Director of Grocery
Roche Bros. Supermarkets