About Local Line

What We Do

Local Line helps farmers, food hubs, and farmers markets sell online and optimize their order fulfillment. Our e-commerce, CRM, inventory and logistics modules enable farmers to control their own brand and grow their business on their terms.

Our History

Local Line started in early 2015 as a match-making service for small farms and chefs. In our earliest days, Cole, Local Line’s Founder & CEO, was delivering local potatoes out of the back of his SUV! Those early days doing deliveries helped the Local Line team understand the local supply chain. In late 2015 Local Line launched the first version of our software, aimed at helping farmers move online and accept orders from customers. Today we have a complete suite of sales and distribution tools, and our goal has stayed the same: put farmers in control of their sales, so they can control their futures.

Our Mission

As we continue to grow, one thing we know with absolute certainty is that you, the farmer, is who we work for. Our mission is to help every local farmer profitably grow their business and as a result, exponentially increase access to local food. There’s lots to do, but that’s okay, because our greatest pleasure comes from working with our customers every day!

Meet the TEAM

Our Amazing Local Line Team

Cole Jones
Cole's life work is helping food suppliers be successful entrepreneurs. At this point, it's a full-blown obsession and we're really just hoping he gets a hobby soon.
Jennifer Webb
Customer success
Jen is a recovered restaurant industry professional who's found her true calling supporting our customers with everything they need. She took a brief break and welcomes her first son, Miles to the world last year, but now she's back in action!
Jordan van Everdingen
Jordan is an amazing athlete but terrible at office ping pong. When he's not doing demo's with customers you can find him in the ping pong room practising his serves.
Nina Galle
Nina took a couragous leap to help launch Local Line Oceania. In the past six months, she's helped us acquire customers in Australia, New Zealand, and Guam!
Alex Wu
Fun fact: Alex eats more than an average family of 4, and he does it with ease! His big appetite fuels his big brain and his even bigger heart! He's also very good at board games.
Ryan Tabula
A recovering accountant, Ryan has seen the light and know's his talent is best applied helping make Local Line as easy-to-use as possible. When he's not making beautiful designs he's on the basketball court.
Kevin Xue
Kevin is an avid traveller, soup-expert (apparently that’s a real thing), and volleyball player. After travelling the world and enjoying different global cuisines, Kevin returned back to Ontario to help farmers grow more of the amazing food he loves.
Jade Samadi
After working at a high-growth startup in the health care industry, Jade has now joined Local Line and shifted his focus to a WAY more exciting industry: food!! Fun fact: Jade is 6'6, which means he's extremely useful when the company cookies get put on the top shelf.
Chris Walker
Sales manager
Chris grew up on a farm and understands first hand the importance of efficient farming operations. He left the farm to pursue a career in sales and now has merged those two passions leading Local Line's sales team.
Katrina Couto
digital marketing manager
Katrina joined Local Line in Jan 2020 from Flanagan Foodservice, where she launched the Flanagan Market Local Food Program. Katrina's only fault is that she's a cat person. We still love her...but ya. We're working on it.
Chris Keil
Chris loves food and previous to Local Line ran a project that organized food tours and local restaurants. Chris loves helping farmers improve their businesses. Outside of work Chris is renovating his first home!
Lindsey Schneider
product marketing
Lindsey helps set the Local Line roadmap and communicate new developments with customers! She works with the development, marketing, and sales teams...so yes... she's very busy! And awesome :)
Tina George
QA Analyst
Tina makes sure all of the new features the Local Line developers build work perfectly before we launch them! She's the last line of defence for sending new features and improvements out into the wild.
Michael Peet
Michael is a recent developer grad from the University of Waterloo. He joined Local Line to make his impact on the food system and he's off to a very fast start!
Ali Kamran
Ali got into development as a youngster and as he says it, "development is in my blood!" He's an ambitious developer who knows that time is always of the essence!
director of fetch
Clark takes his office fetch duties very seriously. After some intense morning fetch at the office, he moves onto his afternoon tasks which are normally a combination of naps and cuddles with the team.
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