What We Do

Local Line helps farmers, food hubs, and farmers' markets sell access new customers and digitize their businesses. Our e-commerce, CRM, inventory and logistics modules enable food producers of all kinds to control their own brand and grow their business on their terms.

Our History

Local Line started in 2015 as a match-making service for small farms and chefs. In our earliest days, Cole, our Founder & CEO, was delivering local potatoes out of the back of his SUV! That experience helped us understand how the local food supply chain worked. In 2016 Local Line launched the first version of our platform, aimed at helping farmers move online and accept orders from customers. Today we have a complete suite of sales, inventory and distribution tools used by food producers of all kinds across North America!

Our Mission

As we continue to grow, one thing we know with absolute certainty is that you, the farmer, is who we work for. Our mission is to help every local farmer profitably grow their business and, as a result, enable an entire generation of young farmers to secure their future as independent entrepreneurs. There’s lots to do, but that’s okay because our greatest pleasure comes from working with our customers daily!

Our Company Values

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Farmer rules: honest, fair, and hardworking.
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Move quickly. Learn. Own it.
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Customer obsessed.
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Team players only. We win as a team!

Meet The Team

Cole Jones Local Line

Cole Jones

Kyle Haney Local Line

Kyle Haney

Nina Galle Local Line

Nina Galle

Katrina Couto Local Line

Katrina Couto

Jahan Kassam Local Line

Jahan Kassam

Alison Ryce Local Line

Alison Ryce

Customer Success
Alexa Tang Local Line

Alexa Tang

Customer Success
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Laura Reid

Customer Success
Christopher Bennett Local Line

Christopher Bennett

Technical support
Lindsey Schneider Local Line

Lindsey Schneider

Hank Goddard Local Line

Hank Goddard

Engineering Manager
Devin Schneider Local Line

Devin Schneider

Head of Design
Kurt Schneider Local Line

Kurt Schneider

software Developer
Cleber Griff Local Line

Cleber Griff

software Developer
Pearlin Sargunar Local Line

Pearlin Sargunar

software Developer
Ali Kamran Local Line

Ali Kamran

software Developer
Ray Nugroho Local Line

Ray Nugroho

QA Analyst
Garry Chan Local Line

Garry Chan

Data Architect