Farm Inventory Management

Manage your farm inventory in one place

Effortlessly manage your farm inventory and optimize your operations with Local Line inventory management.
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Inventory option to sell meat by weightLow inventory warning for produce

Inventory syncing

Easily track and update all of your products, prices and inventory in one platform. Track
e-commerce farm sales, packaging, categories, seasonality, and more!

Re-stock reminders

Get notifications in real-time when your inventory is low. Top up your inventory once and reflect it on all your active price lists.

Packages & weights

Sell by package or sell by weight. For variable-weight products have customers pay after the order is finalized via credit card or custom payment options.
Inventory Management

Real-time inventory tracking

Food product listing out of stock warning

Out-of-stock listings

Select which delivery and pickup options are available for subscription products. Define eligible plans, frequency, lead times, and payment methods.

eCommerce Store closed alert

Open & close store

Set custom store hours for customers to shop from you. Add a custom message for customers when your store is closed.

Food product category tags

Product categories

Enhance the shopping experience by organizing your products into your own custom categories and streamlining vendor management. You can also organize by vendor and by tag!

Premium Feature

Advanced inventory by package

The Advanced Inventory feature allows you to create multiple packages, units, and prices for one set of inventory for one product.
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Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about Local Line's inventory management.
“The great thing about Local Line is I’m still able to list products by the piece or, for lettuce as an example, by the head. The inventory and pricing for that product are based on the unit, not by weight. I have the flexibility to select which option works best for each product. It’s a HUGE lifesaver"
Testimonial from Karen of Wolf Creek Family Farm
Wolf Creek Family Farm
"Local Line is a game changer for small-medium Market Gardens. It opens up a bigger customer base at a very affordable cost. Local Line pays for itself and then some every month."
Testimonial from Steve of Just Farmin'
Just Farmin' CSA

Frequently asked questions about inventory management for farms

What is inventory tracking?
Inventory tracking is the process of monitoring the quantities of products being sold. It involves tracking stock levels, orders, connected price lists, and deliveries to ensure sufficient inventory to meet customer demand while minimizing excess stock and costs. In the context of farm ecommerce, this means specifically monitoring the quantities and statuses of farm products available for sale online, including stock levels, online orders, shipments, and returns. This specialized tracking is essential for maintaining accurate product availability and avoiding overselling or stockouts.

What is farm inventory management?
Farm inventory management generally refers to the practice of managing and controlling the quantities, types, and locations of farm-related inventories. For online farm businesses, this management focuses on managing the online listings and availability of farm products such as harvested crops, meat, dairy, and value-added products. Effective management ensures that online listings accurately reflect real-time availability, prices, and product information, which is crucial for meeting customer expectations and optimizing online sales.Read more about how to improve farm inventory and management with Local Line.
What is the best inventory method for farms?
The best inventory method for farms varies based on the farm's specific needs and operations. However, for farms engaged in selling produce and meat online, a real-time or perpetual inventory system integrated with their online sales channels is often most effective. This method ensures that inventory levels are constantly updated as sales occur, providing accurate product availability information, which is crucial for maintaining trust and reliability in the online marketplace.
Can I get notifications for low stock levels?
Yes, our system sends real-time restock reminders when inventory levels are low, helping you replenish stock efficiently and avoid running out of products.
What is farm inventory for?
Farm inventory serves various purposes, such as resource management, planning, and financial management. In the context of farm ecommerce, it specifically aims to ensure product availability, optimize online sales, enhance customer experience, and streamline order fulfillment. Accurate inventory management in this context is key to providing customers and wholesalers with reliable product information and improving overall service and satisfaction.
How do I make a farm inventory list?
To create a farm inventory list for online sales, begin by categorizing products into groups relevant to online customers. Detail each product listing with information like name, description, price, and available quantities. Utilize inventory management software that integrates with your online sales platforms for real-time updates. Regularly monitor and update your inventory list to reflect changes, and analyze sales data to adjust your inventory and production planning accordingly. This approach ensures effective management of your farm's inventory for ecommerce, enhancing your online sales strategy and customer satisfaction.Local Line simplifies this entire process, offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines inventory management for online farm sales. For more guidance and tips on using Local Line effectively, visit our knowledge base on how to add products and manage inventory with Local Line.
What is the Advanced Inventory feature?
Local Line’s Advanced Inventory feature allows you to manage multiple packages, units, and prices for the same product, streamlining your inventory control and reducing errors. Learn more about how to use Advanced Inventory with Local Line.

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