Offline and Online Payments

Get paid on your terms

Accept payments your way with Local Line's flexible options for your farm's e-commerce and in-person sales, including credit, debit, cash, check, store credit, and more.
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Flexible payment methods

Accept all payment types for your farm
and offline operations, including credit, debit, cash, check, store credit, EFT, SNAP-EBT, ACH and more. Create your own custom payment methods.

Top payment partners

Integrate with your choice of several top payment platforms including Square, Stripe, and LocalPay, Local Line's own payments platform built for farms, food businesses and food hubs.

Refunds, payouts, and deposits

Using LocalPay, you can issue refunds inside your Local Line account, streamlining your orders and invoice management process.

Farm Point of Sale (POS) Software

Accept payments in person with our farm POS

Handle all of your in-person payments with Local Line, whether you're on the go at the farm stand or in your retail storefront.
Keep inventory in sync between your online store and in-person orders so you always know what's available.  
Switch between price lists to adjust pricing and packaging for your different customer types.
Payments Made Easy

Flexible and easy payments for farms and food businesses

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Leverage Local Line's online payment gateway: LocalPay. Setting up only takes 10 minutes! Plus, receive the Local Line support you know and love.

Local Line payment partners

Custom payment terms

Customize payment terms per customer. Retail customers might pay at checkout, whereas wholesale customers might have net 30 terms.

Pre authorized payment options user interface

Pre-authorized charges

Enable customers to save their cards for faster checkout or set up recurring farm and CSA subscriptions. Pre-authorize their cards when an order is placed and but not yet delivered.

Flexible checkout workflows

Seamless payment at checkout. Create your own payment methods (cash, e-transfer, etc.) or connect your Local Line account with a payment gateway to accept payment via credit card or ACH.

At checkout, customers can select their preferred payment method, pay now or later, access their saved cards, or add a new card.

Three payment gateways to choose from







Collect Payments from Customers Online & Offline

Get paid on time, every time with Local Line

Never miss a payment again. Keep all your payments in one place, synced with your accounting system. Here's an overview of our payment features:
Leverage Local Line's online payment gateway: LocalPay. Setting up only takes 10 minutes! Best of all - receive the Local Line support you know and love.
Custom payment terms
Customize your payment terms for each customer. You might require retail customers to pay at checkout, whereas wholesale customers might have 30 day payment terms.
Flexible payment methods
Accept payments from customers in multiple ways. You can offer credit card, ACH, check, cash, e-transfer, SNAP/EBT, and more.
Add fees to payment methods
Favour one payment method over the other? Add additional fees for different payment methods. This allows customers to absorb costs like credit card processing fees.
Automated charges
Run recurring charges using Local Line. If you sell a product by weight, you can charge your customers card after the final weight is calculated.
Integrate with top payment gateways
Local Line allows you to accept online payments from customers by integrating with Square, Stripe, and LocalPay, Local Line's own payments platform built for farms.
Refunds and payouts
Using LocalPay, you can issue refunds inside your Local Line account.
ACH payments
In addition to accepting all major credit cards, you can accept ACH payments directly from your customers using LocalPay. Customers can grant you permanent preauthorization to debit their bank account by selecting to save their bank details to their account for future use.

What our amazing customers are saying?

Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about our payment features.
"I spend less time on the computer and more time with my hands in the soil because we use Local Line. I don’t want to spend time in the office, and Local Line has helped me achieve this. Through easy inventory management workflows, I can inventory my products in minutes, and I ensure that I don’t oversell. And, if I do, I can use Local Line to refund them or give them credits easily. It’s automated workflows such as these that have saved me so much time from admin."
Testimonial from River Bottom Family Farm
Brown Sugar Produce
“Local Line is our main source of everything! It’s our inventory management system, sales platform, and reporting system for vendor payouts. Local Line is all we got! It is great to have everything we need to operate in one place.”
Testimonial from Spur Hollow Family Farm
Local Market

Frequently asked questions about payments and POS

What is a POS (point of sale)?
A Point of Sale (POS) system is a technology used by businesses to conduct sales transactions. This system can operate both in physical locations, like retail stores or farmers' markets, and online through e-commerce platforms and farm website builders. The Point of Sale system handles the checkout process, processes payments, and records sales. A POS system consists of software for the transaction process and may include hardware like cash registers, card readers, and receipt printers for in-person sales. In an online setting, the POS functionality is integrated into the website, allowing for electronic payment and receipt generation. Modern POS systems like Local Line, often cloud-based, offer additional features such as inventory management, customer data analytics, and sales reporting, making them essential tools for businesses looking to streamline operations and enhance customer service.
Does Local Line provide POS machines and hardware?
Yes, Local Line can be used for point of sale at farmers' markets. This allows you to manage both your online and offline sales through a single platform, streamlining your sales process and inventory management. We offer two different devices to choose from which you can order from Local Line. If you want to learn more about our devices, email us at
How do I set up payment options for my online farm store?
Setting up payment options for your online farm store is easy with Local Line. Simply register for our free 7-day trial, and then follow our guide to setting up payment options in Local Line.
What is an ACH payment?
An ACH transfer is an electronic, bank-to-bank money transfer processed through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. It costs significantly less than credit cards. You can expect to pay around 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction from a credit card, but with ACH you only pay 1.0% + $0.00 for each transaction. With LocalPay, Local Line’s own payment gateway, you can easily accept ACH for your online sales: whether you sell retail, direct to customers, or wholesale.
What payment methods can I accept with Local Line?
With LocalPay you can accept online credit card payments for these cards:

Diners Club

And you can accept ACH payments for these account types:

Checking account
Savings account
Corporate checking account
Corporate savings account
How much does a POS transaction cost?
With LocalPay, credit card payment fees are determined by your Local Line subscription plan. See our pricing page for more details. ACH payment fees are at a rate of 1% + $0.00, and are capped at $50 per transaction regardless which Local Line subscription plan you have.

Spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

All it takes is a few clicks to get you connected to your customers, selling online, and easily fulfilling your orders.
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