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A professional, modern, easy-to-use website is a necessity for today's growing farms! We know it can be time-consuming, so we're here to take care of it for you!
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The Perfect Picklist

Download pick lists for each order cycle to make your picking and packing a breeze! Never miss an item from an order again.

Goodbye Manual Entry

When it's time to pack your orders, just simply select your time period, delivery or pick up location, and download your pack lists spreadsheet.

Vendor Reporting

If you re-sell products from different vendors, export specific picking and pack lists for each vendors.

Simplify Online Order Fulfillment for Your Farm or Food Hub

Pick and Pack Lists with multiple options

Multiple picklist formats
Customers can create unique subscription orders
Edit, skip, or cancel subscriptions at any time
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Leave manual report building behind

Local Line is trusted by thousands of farmers and food hubs around the world. See what they have to say about Local Line's subscription feature.
“Loving Local Line for our online store! It makes our business SO much easier by having all the orders placed online. Then, we can print out a list of items to pack up for the Market. I can't believe I was ever hesitant to start an online storefront. It has been the best for our farm business!”

Remarkable Farms Testimonial
Mark and Denise
ReMARKable Farms
"Local Line is a game changer for small-medium Market Gardens. It opens up a bigger customer base at a very affordable cost. Local Line pays for itself and then some every month."
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Just Farmin' CSA
Pick and pack lists

Frequently Asked Questions about Pack and Pick Lists

What is a pick list?
A pick list is a list that specifies the items (and their quantities) that need to be picked from inventory to fulfill customer orders. It streamlines the order preparation process by guiding the picker through the warehouse, field or packing area efficiently.
What is a pack list?
A pack list, often used in conjunction with a pick list, is a detailed document that outlines all items that need to be packed for a specific order. It includes crucial information such as the type and quantity of products, packaging instructions, and the destination address or customer details. The primary purpose of a pack list is to ensure accuracy in order fulfillment, verifying that every item is correctly prepared for shipping or pickup. This step is vital for maintaining order accuracy, improving customer satisfaction, and minimizing errors during the shipping process. Pack lists are especially useful in complex order scenarios, such as when handling products from multiple vendors or fulfilling orders with diverse item categories. By providing a clear checklist for the packing process, pack lists help streamline operations, reduce the likelihood of mistakes, and ensure a smooth, efficient path from warehouse to customer.
How does a pick and pack list improve order fulfillment efficiency?
Pick and pack lists organize the order fulfillment process by ensuring accuracy in picking items and speed in packaging. They help minimize errors, reduce the time spent on manual checks, and optimize the workflow from inventory to delivery.
Can pick and pack lists be customized for different order types?
Yes, pick and pack lists can be customized based on various order types, including wholesale, retail, or online orders. They can also be adjusted to cater to specific delivery methods or pickup locations, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in order fulfillment. Local Line offers four different formats to download.
What information is included in a pack list?
A pack list includes detailed information about the items to be packed for shipment. This typically involves product names, quantities, weights, and packaging instructions to ensure that all items are correctly prepared for dispatch.
How do pick and pack lists benefit small to medium-sized farm operations?
For small to medium-sized farms, pick and pack lists can significantly streamline operations by reducing the time and labor required for order processing. This allows farmers to focus more on production and less on administrative tasks, improving overall business efficiency.
How does Local Line ensure the accuracy of pick and pack lists?
Local Line's system generates pick and pack lists based on real-time order data, ensuring accuracy in item quantities and specifications. This minimizes the chances of errors in the fulfillment process, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
What are the steps involved in using pick and pack lists for order fulfillment?
The process typically involves downloading or accessing the pick list for a specific order cycle, collecting the listed items from inventory, using the pack list to verify and package the items correctly, and then preparing them for delivery or pickup.

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