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Courses and E-Books for Farmers

Explore our comprehensive collection of farm-focused e-books and courses, your ultimate resource for agricultural knowledge and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or just starting out, our curated selection offers valuable insights and practical tips to help you succeed in the world of farming.

How to Profitably Sell Meat Box Subscriptions

What’s the best way to lock in recurring revenue and increase cashflow predictability for your ranch? Selling meat subscriptions to your customers. This course walks you through how to do it!
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Farmer standing with ipad in front of chicken farm managing farm inventory

Master Your Farm Inventory

We walk you through Local Line's farm-focused inventory features and show you how to make inventory management a breeze.
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Farmer in field walking with produce box selling CSA subscriptions.

How to Sell and Manage Subscriptions

What's the best way to lock in recurring revenue and increase cashflow predictability? Selling subscriptions to your customers. This e-book walks you through how to do it!
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Box of local produce purchased from food hub online
Food Hub

How to Run Your Food Hub on Local Line

In this guide, you'll learn how to manage vendors, aggregate products, and find new producers using Local Line Connections.
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Crates of farm fresh produce being sold at farmers' market

How to Manage Wholesale and Retail Customers

Learn how to manage orders from chefs, grocery stores, and households online using one inventory.
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Cattle standing behind fence on farm

How to Sell by Weight

Unsure of how you can sell your variable weight products, like meat and cheese, using your online store? Use this easy-to-follow farm-focused guide to learn how to sell by weight online.
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9 Ways to Increase Your Average Order

Make more money from your existing customer base. Implement these 9 easy strategies to increase your farm's average order size.
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How to order your meat orders

Get the best tips and tricks from different livestock farmers by understanding their workflows, what they've learned, and how they set themselves up for success.
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Farmer holding a bunch of radishes being sold on farm e-commerce.

365 Days of Marketing

Done for you: one year's worth of marketing content. Your need-to-know guide for social media, email campaigns, and branding for your farm.
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Farmer holding iphone in field promoting farm products on social media

Social Media Essentials

39 pages of everything you need to know to level up your Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok game as a farmer.
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Flower farmer holding phone inside greenhouse taking images for farm website

The Farm Website Basics

Invest your digital real estate: your farm website. Tips for building your dream website today!
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Farmer on laptop on a truck at the farm

SEO Checklist for Farmers

Get your farm discovered on Google today! We'll take you through the SEO basics step-by-step.
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Man working at desk
8 min read

CSA Marketing Handbook

Wondering how to set up your CSA Online? The CSA Marketing Handbook is a helpful guide to set up and market your farm’s CSA online.
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Price Increase Calculator

Calculate the positive financial impact of a price increase! Get access to our free price increase calculator.

Minimum Order Calculator

This calculator gives you the formula that ensures profitability on your deliveries. Calculate your optimal order minimum for your business.