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Free templates 👉 a whole year of marketing content!

Your need-to-know guide for social media, e-mail campaigns, and branding for your farm.

About the eBook

Done for you: one year's worth of marketing content.

Running a business—whether it be large or small—takes work. Your days are filled with the day-to-day tasks of production, planning, strategy, and selling. Marketing your products and building brand awareness is important, but time consuming. It's a whole other business in itself! We're making it easy to plan one full year of marketing content so you can grow your business and be profitable while saving time.

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Chapters Included

What's included in the eBook

Social Media

Making social media an essential component of your marketing strategy.

Do you have a current social media strategy? Do you want to grow your farm's visibility for free? This chapter's for you. 

Email Marketing

Utilizing email marketing to increase sales

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for small businesses. When used right, it can be both relationship-building and profit-building. Let's get your audiences set up!


The importance of a website 

Having a website for your business means having your own real estate on the Internet. Not only does it add credibility to your business—beyond having an online store and a social media presence—but it allows you to have control over what you share with your audience.


How events will help build your community.

Hosting events such as cooking classes, farm tours, or farm-to-table dinner experiences will set you apart from your competition and resonate with your customer base. Let’s dive into what this could look like for you.

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