Data Visualization

Reporting and analytics

Tap into over 50 customizable graphs, charts, tables and more to help you visualize your farm-to-fork supply chain. Report on key metrics and sync data with other business systems.
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Data visualization

Turn your spreadsheets into beautiful visual charts and graphs, customized to your specific preferences. Report on over 50 metrics.

Real time data

No more waiting weeks or months to receive reports on old data. Local Line syncs your order data in real time, giving you up to the minute views of your farm-to-fork supply chain.

Sustainability metrics

Local Line allows you to track select supply chain sustainability metrics including food mile savings, CO2 emission reductions, and farmer margin capture.
Reporting & Analytics

It's time your data starts working for you

Sometimes it feels like you're the one working for your data. You need to siphon through it and find unique insights in a sea of spreadsheets. Local Line put's an end to that and gets your data working for you so you can get back in the driver seat.
Visualize your local food data to uncover new insights
Customize what metrics matter to you and how they're measured
Create alerts so you're automatically notified of important changes
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Reporting & Analytics

Spend more time crushing goals and less time crunching numbers

A unique custom report tailored to Buyer needs

Custom dashboards

Some metrics, like food cost, are always important. But different buyers have different needs, so Local Line will customize your dashboard to your specific specs.
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Collaborate with your team

Share various dashboards, reports, and tables with your team so everyone has up to the minute details on products, orders, suppliers, and more.

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Measure and improve

Measure progress against your key metrics and drive actions to improve them. See where you're winning, and where there's still work to be done.

Rreporting & Analytics

Play more offence and less defence

Reporting and analytics are segmented into five main sections, each focusing on a key area of your farm-to-fork supply chain.
Product reports
View product purchase reports by market, supplier, and location. Track your most popular products over time and compare them.
Pricing reports
Closely monitor pricing changes in real time. Compare average order sizes, delivery fees, product packaging changes, and of course product pricing adjustments.
Location reports
Compare locations and regions through the year to better project local needs. Find synergies across varying markets and locations.
Order history
View up to date order history in a cleanly formatted Order History Table. Download invoices, send payments, and filter orders by location.
Custom metrics
Local Line can produce custom reports on an as needed basis for Buyers. Tell our team what you need from your local food data and we will visualize it!
Sustainability metrics
Track unique sustainability metrics including food mile savings, CO2 emission reductions, and farmer margin capture.
Trusted by the best in the business

Trusted by the best in the business

Local Line is trusted by all types of food buyers from grocery retailers, co-ops, restaurants, and more. See what they have to say about Local Line's procurement software.
“Local Line has made a big difference in our local sourcing process. We estimate that using Local Line to source all our local food saves us 10-20 hours per week and saves us 6-8% on labor costs."
Testimonial image from River Bottom Family Farm
John Crane, GM
Portland Food Co-op
"Local Line bypasses the traditional distribution channels and allows us to get products directly from the local farmer to each of our locations. Local Line gave us access to local products that we didn't previously have the ability to buy."
Testimonial image from Spur Hollow Farm
Jason Corriveau, Director of Grocery
Roche Bros. Supermarkets