Local Food Traceability

Food safety

Adhering to your food safety standards is a non negotiable, and Local Line helps ensure all your suppliers are compliant. Upload documents, request audits, and schedule on site visits.
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Verify compliance

All suppliers are invited to upload their food safety certifications to their Local Line profile. Filter for the specific documents you need to see and invite suppliers to re-upload each years annual audits.

Narrow your search

If suppliers don't have your necessary food safety standards, it's a non-starter! Before searching for new suppliers, add filters for what certifications they need in order to qualify to work with you.

Document management

If you work with multiple vendors, you could be managing hundreds of food safety documents. Use Local Line's document management to ensure you're tracking all the necessary current food safety documents from your suppliers.
Food Safety

Safety-proof your supply chain

The FSMA 204 legislation deadline is fast approaching. Don't get caught flat footed. Start safety-proofing your supply chain using Local Line's FSMA 204 compliance features.
Search suppliers that meet your standards.
Manage food safety documents and audit reports.
Ensure end to end supply chain compliance.
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Food Safety

Modernize your food safety in three steps

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Define your food safety criteria

Need all your suppliers to be GAP certified? Need to see field, warehouse, and shipping audits? We've got you covered!
Example of a food safety report

Verify food safety documents

Review every existing and new suppliers food safety documents and ensure their certifications are up to date for the most recent year.
Calendar showcasing a food safety inspection date

Schedule on-site visits

The proof is in the pudding. Contact suppliers through Local Line to schedule on site visits prior to approving them for purchases.  
Food Safety

Don't leave food safety up to chance

Local Line isn't just helpful for food safety document management, we can also help in the event of alerts and recalls.
Specified search
Set a custom search so that only suppliers with specific food safety certifications are displayed.
Document management
Manage food safety documents from all your suppliers including certifications and audit reports.
On-site visits
Schedule on site visits prior to supplier approval.
Product re-calls
Be notified of product recalls and batch specific data including lot codes, order numbers, and case numbers.  
FSMA 204
Ensure complete compliance in time for the FSMA 204 legislation which takes effect on Jan 20, 2026.
Track orders back to their source. Specify the supplier, harvest date, field, etc.
Trusted by the best in the business

Trusted by the best in the business

Local Line is trusted by all types of food buyers from grocery retailers, co-ops, restaurants, and more. See what they have to say about Local Line's procurement software.
“Local Line has made a big difference in our local sourcing process. We estimate that using Local Line to source all our local food saves us 10-20 hours per week and saves us 6-8% on labor costs."
Testimonial image from River Bottom Family Farm
John Crane, GM
Portland Food Co-op
"Local Line bypasses the traditional distribution channels and allows us to get products directly from the local farmer to each of our locations. Local Line gave us access to local products that we didn't previously have the ability to buy."
Testimonial image from Spur Hollow Farm
Jason Corriveau, Director of Grocery
Roche Bros. Supermarkets