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Ready Farmer One book
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The Farmer's Guide to Selling and Marketing

What if you could increase your farm sales, reach new customers, streamline your sales process, and get back all the time you spend at the farmers’ market? What if this was all possible from your office?  

The right sales & marketing strategy makes all of this possible, and Ready Farmer One is the blueprint.  

About the Book

How ‘Ready Farmer One’ Will Change The Way You Think About Farming

Ready Farmer One is a modern take on the skills farmers need to thrive. How can farmers, food producers, and markets of all kinds find customers in a digital era? Ready Farmer One gives you the blueprint.

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Ready Farmer One

The 7 Lessons This Book Will Teach You

1. Efficiently fulfill orders from harvest to pick up.
2. Build an online store that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.
3. Find sales channels that work for you.
4. Create a brand that resonates with your customers.
5. Become a master at telling your farm story.
6. Develop a marketing strategy that will attract new customers.
7. Grow your social media channels and establish a loyal following.

About the Authors

Diego Footer and Nina Galle come together to create the first business book for farmers.

The book brings together Diego Footer, farm podcaster and YouTuber, and Nina Galle, Head of Content at Local Line. They set out to create the industry standard for farmers starting and building their direct-to-market operations. The result is Ready Farmer One.

Nina and Diego

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