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Streamlining Orders

The Livestock Farmer's Guide to Streamlining Orders

Simply follow these easy steps to get organized and streamline your orders using Local Line.

About the eBook

Guide to
Streamlining Orders

Get the best tips and tricks from different livestock farmers by understanding their workflows, what they've learned and how they set themselves up for success. 

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Chapters Included

What's included in the eBook


Collecting Orders

The first step to streamlining your orders is having a consistent process for accepting and fulfilling orders.


Exporting Orders

Now that you’ve received orders, you need to export those orders so that you can harvest, pack, and organize accordingly. In Local Line, you have 6 pre-defined order export formats.

Getting paid

Getting Paid

When selling variable-weight products such as meat, each product will have an “estimated” amount based on the weight unit. The final price of the packed order might change slightly compared to what is listed in the store.


About Local Line

At Local Line, we want to show you that selling online–whether you sell by weight or by unit–is straightforward. Thousands of beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, and other farmers use their online store to collect and fulfill orders.

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