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E-commerce built for farms, food hubs and more

Local Line is built for selling food online. Our platform includes out-of-the-box features like custom price lists, selling by weight, and connections with other farms and food buyers near you.
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Farm Marketing Services
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Keep everything in one place. The Local Line back office stores all your important business information including inventory, orders, invoices, customers, deliveries, payments, reports and more.

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Success Story

Scaling an Online Farm Store with Local Line: Melvin’s Farm to Fork

Gayle and her husband, Thad, come from six generations of dairy farmers on both sides of the family. However, as the world around them evolved, they saw the need to adapt. Their journey from traditional dairy farming to a thriving, community-centric business model called Melvin’s Farm to Fork has allowed them to profitably continue the family legacy. Looking to better streamline farm store inventory and add online sales, Gayle found Local Line, the sales software for farms that propelled them into the digital age while maintaining their core mission: to connect with their community.