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All the features you need to sell online as a local food hub

Local Line has been designed to meet the needs of food hubs, so that you can get back to doing what you love and let us worry about the details.

A One-Stop-Shop Platform

Your Hub's Local Line storefront is streamlined, easy-to-navigate, and optimized across all devices for a great customer experience.
Create a one-stop-shop for your community to access well-grown, local food.
Tailor-Made Price Lists
With dedicated catalogs and customer lists, you can tailor your storefront to the right audience and maximize your sales.
Simplified, Single Checkout
Your customers can shop from any of your local producers in one place and enjoy a simple checkout process. It's up to you to decide how the profits are divided between you and your producers.
Intuitive & Easy to Navigate
The storefront has been designed for an optimized shopping experience. Your customers have the ability to shop by producer, by category, by stock availability, and can quickly search for their favorite products week after week.
An example of an online local food storefront selling beef, eggs, and produce

Enhanced Producer Relationships

Hand-Selected Catalogs
Choose local producers to add to your storefront. Whether you already have a relationship with them, or you discovered them through Local Line, managing catalogs, for you and your producers, is easier than ever.
Complete Inventory Control
Manage your food hub's inventory across all producers and stay stocked for incoming customer orders. Decide which products and which producers are shown in your store at any one time.
Versatile Price Markups
Set your own price adjustments for all the different products in your store. Easily manage your margins and remain profitable. You can markup specific products or bulk adjust an entire catalog. Adjustments can be done by dollar, by percent, or you can set a fixed product price.

Painless Product Management

Easily track and update all of your products, prices and inventory in one platform. With everything you'd expect in a product management feature, you're able to track packaging, categories, seasonality, and more!
Expertly Managed Inventory
Manage and update your inventory, pricing, product photos and more in one place. With our Advanced Inventory, you’re able to create multiple package sizes and track from one overall inventory pool.
Customized Price Lists
Do you want to offer better prices to your most loyal customers, sell to your community, as a wholesaler? With Local Line, you can create dedicated price lists for your different customer g and set specific price adjustments for the products in each catalog.
Seasonal Availability
Keep your offerings in season by setting  dates that your products will be available. Choose a start and end date and never worry about selling a product that you don't have in stock.
A box of produce, with screenshots of our inventory management for food hubs tool.

Streamlined Order Management

Automated Purchase Orders
When your customers place orders with your food hub, supplier purchase orders will automatically be created and sent.
Producer Payout Reports
Generate payment reports so you always know how much to pay your producers.
Point of Sale
Sometimes customers don't order online, or it takes a while for them to pick up a new habit. You can still log orders for your customers and keep everything in one place.
Easy Order Updates
Track all of your order details in one view. Adjust totals, payments, and create custom order tags to stay organized!
A screenshot of Local Line's robust reporting feature.

Robust Insights Dashboard

Get at-a-glance business insights and generate reports through our Insights Dashboard, allowing you to make key decisions based on reliable data.
Sales Insights
Know what to grow by seeing your top-selling products, track your sales by catalog, delivery zone and more.
Optimize Your Marketing
Monitor your least active customers for opportunities to re-engage them, or understand where your customers are using storefront views by city. Create dashboards that help you understand how and what to sell.
Export Reports
The Insights Dashboard gives you the option of exporting your data to multiple formats quickly and easily.

Free Website Builder

Create a free, beautiful website for your farm. Easy-to-use drag and drop features allow you to customize your farms website in hours. You can even pick a custom domain for your site.
Easy-to-Use Templates
You can choose from 5 pre-made templates made specifically for farmers. Each one has a different style so pick the one that best fits your brand!
Custom Branding
Create the website that you want. Every element is customizable to your business and your branding.

Always Included

With our impressive standard features, Local Line makes sure that you'll be selling online in no time.
Website Builder
Create a beautiful website for your farm! Easy-to-use drag and drop features allow you to quickly customize your farm's website. Choose from 5 templates, build a logo, and secure a custom domain.
Account Management
Be in control of your account. Get alerted for everything that’s important to you. De-clutter your inbox and customize what you’ll get notified for, and allow access to unlimited users for the different roles in your organization.
Delivery & Routing
Create delivery plans and routes. Set locations, availability, lead times, minimum order amounts, and delivery fees for every order placed.

Ongoing Support
Local Line's best-in-class support will help you get set up quickly and easily and will continually be there to support your business. All of our customers are assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable account manager and we are always ready to help!
Curbside Pickup
Add multiple curbside pickup locations for your customers. Set availability, lead times, minimum order amounts, and pickup fees for every order placed.

Spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

All it takes is a few clicks to get you connected to your customers, selling online, and easily fulfilling your orders.

*7 day free trial · no credit card required · affordable monthly plans