Supporting Multiple Vendors

Local Line allows multiple vendors to control their listings in one, aggregate storefront. Your storefront will display every vendor and their products, and allow vendors to offer specialized pickup options and payment methods.
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Your Market, Online

Replicate your market online! Help vendors pre-sell products, schedule and manage pickups, and attract new shoppers to your market. Plus, having an online market adds another layer of accessibility for community members who are unable to shop in-person.
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One Time Setup

Once you set up your market, it is self-sufficient. Each vendor can promote their listing, accept pre-orders, and grow their audience. No extra work for you or your market staff!
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Accept All Payment Types

Whether your vendors seek payment in cash, process SNAP, or use a point-of-sale, they can customize all their payment options in their Local Line account.
A screenshot of an online farmers market selling produce, eggs, and beef from multiple vendors.

Robust Reporting with Insights Dashboard

Get at-a-glance business insights and generate reports through our Insights Dashboard, allowing you to make key decisions based on reliable data.
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Sales Insights

Know what to grow by seeing your top-selling products, track your sales by catalog, delivery zone and more.
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Optimize Your Marketing

Monitor your least active customers for opportunities to re-engage them, or understand where your customers are using storefront views by city. Create dashboards that help you understand how and what to sell.
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Export Reports

The Insights Dashboard gives you the option of exporting your data to multiple formats quickly and easily.
Our robust reporting for farmers markets, a screenshot

Website Builder

Create a beautiful website for your farm. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop features allow you to customize your farms website in hours. You can even pick a custom domain.
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Easy-to-Use Templates

You can choose from pre-made templates made specifically for farmers. Each one has a different style so pick the one that best fits your brand!
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Custom Branding

Create the website that you want. Every element is customizable to your business and your branding.

Spend more time on your farm and less on your computer.

All it takes is a few clicks to get you connected to your customers, selling online, and easily fulfilling your orders.

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